About Paths of Study

Get answers to frequently asked questions about Paths of Study.

Q. What are Paths of Study?

A. Paths of Study are a new option for current and prospective Evergreen students looking for a clear path to their careers. Each Path is a set of programs and courses designed to help students navigate Evergreen’s curriculum, prepare for advanced work, and pursue a career in their field.

Q. Is selecting a Path required?

A: No, it’s an option. You have the freedom to decide what you want to study, the same as always at Evergreen since 1971. You may select programs and classes from throughout the college catalog. You can even switch between Paths. Individual Learning Contracts, Student Originated Studies, and internships are available to go into depth in a particular area outside of a Path. Paths are just a new option for students to consider.

Q. Is a Path a major?

A. No, it’s better than a major. Paths are an interdisciplinary, theme-based way to focus your Evergreen education, see where your coursework leads, and make progress toward the career you want. Unlike a major, a Path is an option, not a requirement.

Q. I’m a transfer student. Do I have to start at the foundational level, or can I jump ahead?

A. Paths are a terrific way for transfer students to focus their studies. Depending on your previous college coursework, you may be able to join an intermediate or advanced program in a Path. Or you might find foundational Path programs—which usually accept sophomores, juniors, and seniors—to be the right point of entry for you. Transfer students interested in a Path should work with an advisor to help identify the best entry point for them.

Q. I’m a first-time, first-year student. Can I take a Path of Study?

A. Yes. Some of the Paths of Study foundational programs are great places for first-year students to start their Evergreen education. However, you may prefer to begin with one of the First Year Experience programs designed for students beginning college. These programs explore interconnected disciplines and highlight the academic skills that will help you get to your degree. Consult with an advisor to determine if a Path is the best option for you.

Q. What Paths are available?

A. Currently there are 12 Paths, each leading to different career areas:

Additional Paths coming in the near future:

  • Work: Business, Entrepreneurship, and Non-Profit Management

Q. How can I find out more?

A. Contact Academic Advising, email us at paths@evergreen.edu, or check out the Paths of Study links above.