Academic Certificate

Climate Policy and Action

Advance just and equitable solutions for the climate crisis

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Credits & Duration

  • 24 credits
  • 3 quarters


Start Term

  • Fall


  • Varies by course - see catalog

What You'll Learn

This certificate program prepares you for a variety of environmental science, policy, and management-related careers that work toward climate solutions, such as: climate policy analysis, environmental engineering, ecological restoration, and more.

You’ll gain knowledge of climate change impacts and solutions and develop skills in policy analysis, communication, engagement, and advocacy. Through an applied project or internship with external partners, you’ll get hands-on experience working on climate-related issues in the real world.

This certificate will be offered by the Center for Climate Action and Sustainability, connecting students to internship opportunities, climate experts, and community-based research.

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The curriculum provides connections with any path of study and is open to all intermediate or advanced students. The certificate places a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary solution-based thinking, climate justice, and action-oriented research and learning.

Certificate Coursework

This certificate consists of 24 undergraduate credits.

Climate Policy and Action: Science and Policy Basics - Fall Quarter, 8 credits
Climate Policy and Action: Policy Analysis and Advocacy - Winter Quarter, 8 credits
Climate Policy and Action: Building Community Resilience (elective) - Spring Quarter, 8 credits
Climate Policy and Action: Internship (elective) - Spring Quarter, 8 credits

The Climate Policy and Action certificate requires students to conduct an internship with the Center for Climate Action and Sustainability and an external partner or develop independent action research projects.

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