Student Life

Evergreen feels like home - with more options! You’ll find recreation and athletics opportunities galore, student groups and clubs, locally sourced food, great coffee and more. This is a community made for exploring. Go on, poke around and make this community yours!

Group of student sitting in the grass talking together

Greener Culture

Student Activities supports groups that represent your interests in art, music, spirituality, culture, politics, environmental issues, gaming and more. Whatever your thing, you’ll find it here! Also check out:

  • KAOS, Evergreen's volunteer-DJ'ed, community radio station
  • The Cooper Point Journal, your student-run newspaper
  • The Evergreen Gallery, student shows and special exhibitions

Our neighbors are oceans, mountains, rain forests and two of America’s coolest cities - Seattle and Portland! There’s plenty to do in and around Olympia too.

Student Activities

KAOS Radio

The Cooper Point Journal

Evergreen Gallery

Students hanging out together in a campus apartment

Living and Dining on Campus

There are so many benefits to you living on campus - no commute, a beautiful environment, easy access to great events and free internet!

Dining on campus offers flexible, easy ways to get healthy and yummy sustainable food options. Plus there are cozy places to spend quality time together with your friends.

And Evergreen’s 1,000-acre campus has winding trails, lush forests, an organic farm that sells fresh produce, and its own beach on Puget Sound. There’s no other college like it.

Campus Housing

Dining Plans

Explore the Area

Womens soccer players during a game at The Evegreen State College

Wellness, Recreation and Athletics

Student Wellness Services is your go-to resource for medical care and counseling services on campus.

Geoduck Athletics are a great way to jump in, stretch your skills, create new relationships and have an awesome time.

The Costantino Recreation Center (CRC), our extensive athletics complex, offers plenty of outlets for fitness, exercise, self-discipline and other activities to keep your body and spirit healthy.

Wellness Services

Explore the CRC

A group of students at Native Pathways graduation

Diversity on Campus

The House of Welcome's Education and Cultural Center promotes Indigenous arts and cultures through education, cultural preservation, creative expression and economic development.

BIPOC & LGBTQ+ Intersectional Support Services (BLISS) assists students with their academic, social and professional goals.

Student Affairs supports our diverse community with equity resources, advising, training and funding community events.

The Veterans Resource Center helps you access the benefits you have earned through your service to our country.

Visit the House of Welcome

BIPOC & LGBTQ+ Intersectional Support Services

Welcome to the Social Justice Center

Check Out Veterans Resources

Student Support Services

We offer resources that provide a holistic approach to your wellness and success.

A student examins volunteer opertunities at an on campus fair

Careers and Volunteering

Greeners are excited to contribute the best of themselves to the world. We like to say they can do anything, because they do—90% of our graduates find success in careers, service, or graduate schools just one year after graduation.

Academic and Career Advising can help you with your job search, resume, interviewing, graduate school aspirations, and life direction.

Get an on-campus job or internship to build professional experience, have peace of mind, and get some extra cash.

The Center for Community-Based Learning and Action (CCBLA) links students and faculty with organizations working on a variety of issues.

Visit Academic and Career Advising

Find Campus Jobs

Explore the CCBLA

A student reads in the library while other students study in the background

Learning and Study Resources

The Daniel J. Evans Library in Evans Hall provides access to 16 million books, research resources, movies, music, and media production equipment and training.

The Organic Farm is a working farm that is also a learning laboratory for organic agriculture.

Computing and Technology covers all your bases: general-purpose labs, specialty rigs, and WiFi of course.

Daniel J. Evans Library

Writing Center

Organic Farm

Computing and Technology

Speedy the Geoduck plays bass in one of the audio labs

What in the World is a Geoduck

Learn about our bizarre and beloved mascot, Speedy, who has appeared on dozens of “oddest mascots” lists.

Speedy the Geoduck