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Native American and Indigenous Studies

Examine the histories, cultures, politics, and contemporary experiences of Indigenous peoples in the Northwest and beyond.

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About Native American and Indigenous Studies

Focus on the vitality and diversity of Native nations and the value of Indigenous knowledge. Study the effects of European-American social values and structures on Native history and contemporary life. Examine global effects of colonialism and treaty relationships between tribal nations and settler governments.

Native American and Indigenous Studies at Evergreen is an interdisciplinary field that examines the histories, cultures, politics, and contemporary experiences of Indigenous peoples in the Northwest and beyond. Founded upon visionary leadership and long-term relationships between Pacific Northwest tribes and Evergreen, programs in Native studies embrace indigenous knowledge as a field of multidisciplinary study. Faculty develop culturally relevant curriculum that strengthens the college's connection to indigenous peoples of the United States, Canada, Aotearoa, and the Pacific Rim. Classes take place both on the Olympia campus and at area tribal centers.

As you learn about Native studies, you will get experience combining theory with practice. Learn from indigenous Pacific Rim artists in the Longhouse’s carving studio. Explore the canoe as transportation, cultural artifact, and symbol of sovereignty and nation-building through a tribal canoe journey. Learn issues of tribal governance, economic sustainability, and self-determination from tribal leaders and policy makers.

Truly interdisciplinary, Native studies supports students in developing and strengthening quality skills in analysis, research, writing, and oral communication in their chosen fields.

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Facilities & Resources

House of Welcome Longhouse Education and Cultural Center

A gathering place for indigenous arts and cultures through education, cultural preservation, creative expression, and economic development. Participate in multicultural classes, presentations, performances, and more. Meet Native artists and visit exhibitions and art sales throughout the year, including the annual winter holiday arts and crafts fair. The Longhouse is part of a larger Indigenous Arts Campus, which includes a Carving Studio and Fiber Arts Studio. Indigenous Pacific Rim artists-in-residence teach and practice in the Longhouse’s carving studio. 

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Native Pathways Program

The Native Pathways Program (NPP) promotes life-long indigenous scholarship by placing value on cultural and traditional knowledge, working with indigenous research methodologies, and expanding indigeneity through academia.

Classes take place on Indian reservations in western Washington. Students attend weekly classes at reservation sites and also attend Saturday classes at the Longhouse, where all students come together for classes, workshops, and cultural events.

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Master of Public Administration Tribal Governance Concentration

Consider continuing your education at the only MPA tribal governance concentration in the country. We provide current and future tribal leaders with the knowledge and skills needed to work successfully in Indian Country. The degree prepares students for a wide range of jobs in tribal, federal, state, and local governments, and nonprofits.

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