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Film, Video, and Audio Production

Make media about the world to change the world; understand how filmmakers communicate; get hands-on with cameras and mics, software and studios; and collaborate with a community.

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About Film, Video, and Audio Production

Contemporary skills. How we understand the world is shaped by the images and sounds we see on screens. At Evergreen, we know that through thoughtful critique and analysis of media, we can find answers to complex questions both societal and personal. By choosing to use the powerful tools of media production, you’ll ignite the spark that illuminates the human experience.

The history of you. As a student in Evergreen’s Film, Video, and Production field, you’ll engage deeply in issues of race, class, and gender. You’ll develop critical awareness through screenings, reading, writing, and discussion. In addition, you’ll confront and embrace your own personal narrative as you learn the history, theory, and practice of film, animation, and sound design.

Getting started and going beyond. Our courses and programs offer many entry points for you to develop your critical skills and talents. You will have access to interdisciplinary programs that will allow you to discover your interests and academic skills in the practice of media. Advanced programs, senior projects, and media internships are also offered for upper division students.

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