Academic Certificate

Behavioral Health Support Specialist

New in Fall 2024: Build foundational skills to support and serve your community
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Credits & Duration

  • 32 credits


Start Term

  • Fall


  • Varies by course

What You'll Learn

Individuals looking to expand their experiences in human services or get a boost in their career or future educational plans will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to receive the Behavioral Health Support Specialist (BHSS) license in Washington state. Students will advance their skills, learning to work with vulnerable populations to develop a culturally responsive and equitable approach to mental health treatment. Students will learn from a range of experiences, including an internship placement in a behavioral health setting. 

You'll learn:

  • Essential counseling and relationship skills
  • Cultural responsiveness
  • Team-based care
  • Screening and assessment 
  • Targeted behavioral health interventions
  • Ethics and law
  • Care planning and coordination
  • Health equity

Certificate Prerequisites

Students must complete 4 credits of Abnormal Psychology:

Abnormal Psychology - Spring Quarter, 4 credits

Plus 2 of the following courses: 
Lifespan Development- Winter Quarter, 4 credits
Theories of Personality- Winter Quarter, 4 credits
Introduction to Neuroscience OR Biological Basis of Behavior - 4 credits

Email if you have questions about these prerequisites. 

Certificate Coursework

This certificate consists of 32 undergraduate credits. Some courses must be taken in sequence: The Helping Relationship must be completed before Integrative Behavioral Health and the Behavioral Health Internship can be taken. 

Addiction and Treatment: Strengths Based Perspectives - FallorSpringQuarter, 4 credits
The Helping Relationship: Introduction to Counseling Theory, Skills and Ethics - Fall Quarter, 8 credits (Must be taken before Integrative Behavioral Health and the Behavioral Health Internship)
Integrative Behavioral Health: Assessment, Interventions and Case Management - Winter Quarter, 8 credits
Behavioral Health Support Specialist Internship-Fall,Winter,SpringQuarters, 12 credits (this course is taken over two or more quarters). 

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