Academic Certificate

Fiber Arts: Sheep to Shawl

Explore the realm of texture, color, and design

Contact and location

Credits & Duration

  • 12 credits
  • 3 quarters


Start Term

  • Fall


  • Tuesdays, 6 - 9:30 pm

What You'll Learn

In this three-course sequence, the art of weaving will be taught from shearing the sheep to the finished shawl.

Explore the realm of texture, color, and design, where the single yarn is transformed into a tapestry of possibility. Learn to weave patterns that speak to the soul, craft colors that embrace our emotions, and bring to life weavings that elevate the recipient of our woven art.

You will delve into the history of weaving, from the indigenous weave style of the Coast Salish to contemporary designs of modern times. The class explores types of wool that can be woven and discovers the unique qualities that each brings to the loom. 

Certificate Coursework

This certificate consists of 12 undergraduate credits.

Fiber Preparation and Spinning Yarn - Fall Quarter, 4 credits
Dyeing Yarn - Winter Quarter, 4 credits
Weaving on a Coast Salish Loom - Spring Quarter, 4 credits

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