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Examine a wide range of topics from human health, mental health, animal health, public health, and epidemiology.

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Health is a broad concept that means more than simply the absence of disease or infirmity. It implies a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. The academic study of health includes a wide range of topics from human health, mental health, animal health, public health, and epidemiology, to name just a few.

Many Evergreen students have successfully used their undergraduate work to prepare for careers in health. For some this work is focused on human health (working as a doctor, physician assistant, or therapist), for others it is focused on animal health, while others focus on the health of populations and communities, as epidemiologists or public health specialists. Many of these careers require professional training beyond an undergraduate degree, andEvergreen can help you get prepared for your next steps toward your chosen field. These programs do not have a specific major that is required, and both these graduate programs and employers want students with a broad background in the humanities and liberal arts.

Students interested in these career paths should begin planning their academic choices early. As the specific course requirements needed for health professional programs can be variable, students should work with advisors and faculty to make that the course equivalencies earned match those needed for the specific graduate program they are focused on. Most professional programs are looking for students with skills in reading and writing, completion of specific coursework in the natural sciences and mathematics, and work in understanding human cultures and behavior demonstrated by credit in fields such as psychology, sociology, or anthropology. A background in cultural competency and learning languages other than English can also be a significant advantage.

Olympia is a regional health center and hub for State and County government. Between government, local non-profits, and private practices Olympia provides numerous opportunities for volunteer and internship positions of students interested in any aspect of health. Most professional programs encourage or require such volunteer and internship experience.

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