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Political Economy, Global Studies, and Environmental Justice

Investigate the vital political, economic, ecological, and social issues of the early 21st century. Learn about their history and development, their present manifestation, and envision alternatives.

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About Political Economy, Global Studies, and Environmental Justice

You will study the role of power in determining how the economy and society work, for whom they work, and with what ecological consequences. Social movements for change are a primary focus.

Get a close look at the systems that create societal disparities like income inequality and structural racism. Work directly with incarcerated students. Study the theories, histories, and practices of social movements for change.

Discover how our political and economic systems came to function the way they do now. Develop a historically-grounded understanding of practices and ideologies from liberalism to populism, from neoliberalism to fascism, and from anarchism to socialism. Explore the rise and spread of capitalism and its relationship to the environment.

Prepare for Careers and Graduate Studies Beyond this Path

Career Opportunities

  • Cooperatives and other non-profit organizations
  • Diplomacy and foreign policy
  • Environmental justice
  • Higher education
  • Journalism
  • Law
  • Local and regional politics
  • Social work
  • Teaching K–12 

Graduate School Opportunities 

  • Economics
  • Education
  • Environmental studies
  • Feminist studies
  • History
  • International studies
  • Labor studies
  • Law School
  • Political ecology
  • Political economy
  • Political science
  • Public policy
  • Science and technology studies
  • Social work
  • Sociology


Individual Study and Volunteer Opportunities

You’ll have lots of opportunities to get out of the classroom and into the community on this Path. With faculty support for internships and individual learning contracts you can earn credit for hands-on experiences that will set you up for success after college.

We can connect you with community organizations working on different issues related to this Path. You can find internships or volunteer opportunities to grow a range of skills from grant writing and ethnography to community organizing and social work.

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Study Abroad

The study abroad options on this Path are world-class learning opportunities. Travel with a tight-knit community to explore the politics, cultures, and histories of people around the world. 

Programs on this Path have traveled to: 

  • Mexico
  • Nepal
  • Egypt
  • Jordan
  • Turkey

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