Academic Certificate

Woodworking Foundations: Craft, Culture, and Sustainability

Create beautiful and functional objects with sustainable woodworking practices

Contact and location

Credits & Duration

  • 16 credits
  • 3 quarters


Start Term

  • Fall


  • Varies by course - see catalog

What You'll Learn

This certificate will give you the foundational skills, knowledge, and insight to work wisely and effectively with wood for a variety of purposes.  

Using a combination of hand and power tools, you’ll learn about: 

  • Wood science
  • Wood selection
  • Measurement and dimensioning
  • Cutting and milling 
  • Joinery design and application 
  • Order of shop operations 
  • Shaping and sanding 
  • Adhesives and assembly 
  • Mechanical hardware and fasteners 
  • Final surfacing and finishing 

Through hands-on learning, lectures, and workshops, you’ll learn to craft: 

  • Boxes, cabinets, and chests 
  • Tables, desks, and benches 
  • Other seating 

This certificate can prepare you for entry-level positions in: 

  • Furniture design 
  • Manufacture 
  • Cabinetry 
  • Architectural woodworking and millwork 
  • Small-scale residential remodeling and construction 
  • Other woodworking occupations 
  • Further study in 3D arts and design 

Certificate Coursework

This certificate consists of 16 undergraduate credits. Students complete 12 credits of core coursework and select 4 credits from elective offerings.

Core Coursework (12 credits)

Woodworking: Enclosures and Containers - Fall Quarter, 4 credits
Woodworking: Frames and Surfaces - Winter Quarter, 4 credits
Woodworking: Summative Research and Studio Project - Spring Quarter, 4 credits

Electives (select 4 credits)

Woodworking Special Topics: Laminations-Bentwood Forms - Fall, 4 credits 
Woodworking Special Topics: Seating - Winter Quarter, 4 credits
Woodworking Special Topics: Multiples - Spring Quarter, 4 credits

Students can expect to spend 4 hours in class, 4 hours in the workshop and 2 hours on class readings per week for each class. 

Learn more about courses in the Academic Catalog