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A Colonial “Living History” Museum Addresses Colonialism: Plimoth Plantation in the 21st Century

Nancy Koppelman
AnthropologyArtHistoryNative American StudiesPolitical Science and Public AdministrationPsychology Social Work and Sociology Cultural PreservationEconomic DevelopmentEducation ReformFamily and YouthIndian IdentityMediaRacism and Prejudice Wampanoag
Is Diversity a Mask or a Bridge? The Indian Mascot Debate
By Gary Arthur
Social Work and SociologyCommunicationsEducationHealthNative American StudiesPolitical Science and Public AdministrationPsychology ActivismCommunity DevelopmentCultural AppropriationFamily and YouthLaw and JusticeLeadershipMediaRacism and Prejudice
Luna / Tsu-xiit the “Whale”: Governance Across (Political and Cultural) Borders

Emma S. Norman, Ph.D., Northwest Indian College
AnthropologyBiologyEthicsNative American Studies ActivismIndigenous ScienceLeadershipMedia Mowachaht/MuchalahtNavajo
Reconciliation and Resistance: The Pueblo Indian Revolt and the Sante Fe Fiesta

Linda Moon Stumpff
AnthropologyCultural StudiesEducationHistoryLawMedia StudiesNative American StudiesPolitical Science and Public AdministrationTheatre Cultural PreservationEducation ReformIntergovernmental RelationsMediaRacism and Prejudice ApacheNavajoNew Mexico Pueblo
Should Indian Sports Mascots Be Repealed?
Gary Arthur
Social Work and SociologyEducationNative American StudiesPolitical Science and Public AdministrationPsychology ActivismCultural AppropriationCultural PreservationIndian IdentityMediaRacism and Prejudice
Since Time Immemorial: Developing Tribal Sovereignty Curriculum for Washington’s Schools

Barbara Leigh Smith, Shana Brown and Magda Costantino
Education ActivismCultural PreservationEducation ReformMedia
The Aftermath of Redskins Indian Mascot Decisions: What’s Next?
Gary Arthur
Social Work and SociologyAnthropologyCommunicationsEducationGeographyHistoryLawNative American StudiesPolitical Science and Public AdministrationPsychology ActivismCultural AppropriationEducation ReformFamily and YouthHealth and WellnessIndian IdentityLeadershipMediaRacism and Prejudice
The Twilight Saga and the Quileute Indian Tribe: Opportunity or Cultural Exploitation?
Barbara Leigh Smith
CommunicationsNative American Studies ActivismCommunity DevelopmentCultural AppropriationCultural PreservationEconomic DevelopmentIntergovernmental RelationsMedia Quileute
TRIBAL TV: Is it Worth the Effort?

Frank H. Tyro, PhD, Salish Kootenai College
CommunicationsNative American Studies Cultural PreservationMedia
Washington Football Team Drops Redskins Mascot? : Why? What Does this Mean?
Gary Arthur
ActivismCultural AppropriationIndian IdentityLeadershipMedia All Tribes
What should be displayed? Native arts in museums and on the runways
Melanie King
Social Work and SociologyAnthropologyArtCommunicationsHistoryLawNative American StudiesPsychology ActivismCultural AppropriationCultural PreservationFederal and State Relations and PolicyIndian IdentityLaw and JusticeLeadershipMediaSacred Sites