Graduate Student

Evergreen's three graduate programs are grounded in values of service, community, social justice and stewardship. An interdisciplinary approach to learning, close collaboration and narrative evaluations are distinctive features of these programs. 

MiT Students Graduating
Master in Teaching

Learn how to build a classroom of joy and justice. With unparalleled mentorship from faculty and community members, this full-time program prepares you to unleash young learners’ potential. Choose from two pathways: English Language Learner Integration or Community Teaching.

Master of Public Administration

Want to make the world a better place? This program emphasizes social change and democratic governance. Choose from specialties in three areas: tribal governance, public and nonprofit administration, or public policy. Evening and weekend classes are ideal for busy adult learners.

Master of Environmental Studies

This interdisciplinary degree prepares you for the complexities and challenges of environmental work. Situated on Puget Sound and minutes from the Washington state capitol, you’ll pursue hands-on environmental projects, policy research, and analysis with real-world impact.