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Welcome to Student Wellness Services

We provide basic medical and mental health care services to currently enrolled students. In-person and telehealth visits are available.

Closed for Summer

Student Wellness Services return September 1

Immunization forms will be processed within a 48-hour window

Schedule an Appointment

Access services through Health eConnect, a secure online portal found under the Students section of My Evergreen. Schedule medical and counseling appointments, fill-out forms, upload immunization records and respond to messages from providers.

Reach us by phone at (360) 867-6200 to ask questions or schedule appointments.

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The Clinic located on the 3rd floor of SEM II – B.

Covered by Your Student Fees

Services are available for all students who have paid the Student Wellness Services fee. You do not need insurance to be treated by Student Wellness Services.

Vaccination Requirements

What you need to know about vaccination requirements

Schedule appointments and upload vaccination documentation online at Health eConnect on My Evergreen.

Measles Immunization Requirement

Measles (Rubeola) can be a serious and life-threatening illness. As a public health measure for the safety of all members of our campus community Evergreen has adopted the following immunization requirement using guidelines and recommendations provided by the U.S. Center for Disease Control, the American College Health Association and state and local public health departments.

This requirement applies to all new undergraduate and graduate students. To meet the requirement, upload your documentation to Health eConnect located on My Evergreen.

  • Option 1: Documentation that you have had 2 Measles (Rubeola) vaccines since 1969.
  • Option 2: Documentation that you have had the disease of Measles (Rubeola).
  • Option 3: Documentation that you have had a positive Measles (Rubeola) antibody test (Titer).
  • Option 4: For a medical or religious reason, you may sign the Measles Waiver (PDF).

All students born after 1956 must submit documentation of immunity to Measles (Rubeola).

If you have signed the waiver and a Measles outbreak occurs, you will be asked to leave campus for a minimum of two weeks from the time of the last diagnosed case, resulting in missed classes, coursework and compensation from work.

Finding My Records

If you grew up in Washington state or have received healthcare services in this state, your immunization records may have been added to the Washington Immunization Information System (WA-IIS) through the Washington Department of Health website. You may sign up for a MyIR account which will allow you to view a report of all immunizations entered on your behalf.

if you think you have records from another state, This list of all state contacts may be helpful to you.

Request immunization records from your current or former primary care provider(s). If you’ve had an employer require immunizations, you should be able to request a copy. Immunization records are often located in parents’/guardians’ records. Previous schools may also have a copy of your immunization records.

Forms Processing

Student Wellness Services will make every effort to process forms/uploads within 24-48 hours or as soon possible. We will only contact you if there is a problem with your form and/or documentation.

If you have additional questions, call us at (360) 867-6200 during open hours.

CARE (Campus Assessment, Response and Evaluation) Team

Helps students get connected to the right resources on or off campus.

Student Concerns

Are you concerned about one of your classmates? You may submit a Report of Community Concern. Use the reporting form (rather than email), which allows for quicker outreach to get the student connected to a staff member and CARE Team tracking to ensure appropriate follow-up.

Community Resources

Call 911 or Police Services at (360) 867-6140


Call 911, Police Services at (360) 867-6140, or dial extennsion 6140 from a campus phone. They will call Medic One who will be on campus within minutes.

Emergent Mental or Physical Health Needs

  • Call 911 or Police Services, (360) 867-6140
  • Providence St. Peter Hospital, (360) 491-9480
  • Capital Medical Center, (360) 956-2590

After Hours/Urgent Care Clinics

  • Multicare Indigo Urgent Care, (360) 763-7515 (Olympia)
  • Providence Immediate Care, (360) 486-6545 (West Olympia)
  • Sea Mar Community Health Center Thurston Walk-in Clinic, (360) 742-5000
  • Concentra Lacey Urgent Care, (360) 455-1350
  • Kaiser Permanente Olympia, (360) 923-7740 (members only)
  • Rapid Othopaedic Care West Olympia, (360) 754-7622

Emotional Well-being and Mental Health Support

  • Suicide and Crisis Lifeline, 988
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, (800) 273-TALK (8255)
  • Pathways Mental Health, (360) 799-5782
  • Providence Behavioral Health
  • WA Recovery Helpline, (866) 789-1511
  • National SAMHSA Helpline, (800) 622-4357
  • South Sound Clinic, (360) 413-6910 (Olympia)
  • Psychology Today Find a Therapist Tool
  • Crisis Text Line, Text HOME to 741741
  • Washington Warm Line, (800) 500-9276

LGBTQ+ Resource Lists

Social Services and Community Resources

Travel Consult

Pre-travel assessments and physicals for travel abroad programs

Before Your Appointment

  • Read the Travel Requirement Checklist
  • Plan ahead if you need vaccines, some require a series over a period of time
  • Each country has different requirements
  • The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website has up-to-date information on requirements for different regions of the world.
  • The CDC website is not a substitute for consultation with a provider.


  • Schedule an appointment with a medical provider through Health eConnect or call (360) 867-6200.
  • Before your appointment, complete all online forms prompted through Health eConnect and upload completed ​Student Health Review Form (PDF) or drop-off completed forms in person.

Vaccines and Medication

  • Some vaccines are available at Student Wellness Services, including Hepatitis A/Hepatitis B, Influenza, Tetanus boosters (Tdap), MMR and Typhoid. Check for pricing and availability.
  • The provider can determine the need for malaria prophylaxis and/or other carry along treatment.
  • The provider may dispense medication from the clinic dispensary or write you a prescription.

Meningococcal Meningitis Information

Informational PDF for First-Time Enrolled College Students

Health Education and Groups

Student Wellness Services offers a variety of psycho-educational and support groups each quarter. We frequently offer groups related to anxiety, depression, stress management, coping skills, self care and mindfulness practices.

Grief Support Group

A space for compassion

Social Justice Center, Evans Hall 2205
Mondays, 3 - 4 pm

Facilitators: Evergreen Student Wellness Services Mental Health Counselors

A compassionate space for students to support each other in sharing their experiences, emotions, and coping strategies while navigating the grieving process.

Ecotherapy Group

Connect with nature

Wednesdays, 2 - 3:30 pm
May 1, 8, 15 and 22

Facilitator: SWS Counselor Madison Johnson, LMHCA 

In this group, we will re-engage with our innate reciprocal connection with nature and enhance our coping skills for stress, anxiety, depression, and concentration issues through guided sessions and group interactions. Sessions held both indoors at Student Wellness Services and outdoors in the Evergreen campus forest. 

Email for Ecotherapy group locations, more information, and to sign up.

Our Mission Statement

As a collegiate wellness center, we teach, promote and provide holistic healthcare. Student Wellness Services supports student well-being by empowering lifelong self-care, successful navigation of life pursuits, and building relationships in community.

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Kim Wadsworth

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Mental health therapist

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Madison Johnson

Mental health clinician

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Mental health clinician

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Physician assistant certified lead

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Director of student wellness

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Student Wellness Services


Office Hours

  • Monday - Thursday: 10 am - 12 pm, 1 - 4 pm, Friday: 10 am - 12 pm