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Register for your classes, declare a degree that matches your studies or request a transcript to share your Evergreen success!

Registration & Records Office

Get Registered

Apply for Admission or learn how to register as a non-admitted (special) student below.

Review upcoming registration dates on the Academic Calendar.

Before you register, visit the Academic Catalog. Advisors can help you plan your academic path and make smart choices. If you have veterans’ benefits to use, visit the Veterans Resource Center for assistance.

Registration opens by “time ticket” on the Monday after the quarterly Academic Fair.

Open registration ends at 4 pm on Friday before the quarter starts. Check your registration details on My Evergreen.

During the first week of class, you can continue to register online with a faculty override until Friday at 4 pm. After that, you must use a paper registration form. You may also be charged a late fee.

We're Here to Clear the Way to Registration

If anything about your registration doesn't seem right, let us know. The sooner you tell us, the more quickly we can help you fix it.

When and How to Register

Find out when you will register. Registration opens in groups by class level each quarter.

When to Register

Every quarter registration opens in groups by class level. Look up when you will register, or your registration “time ticket” on My Evergreen starting on the day of the Academic Fair.

  1. Monday: Seniors with 135 or more credits, post-baccalaureate undergraduates, veterans, graduate students and students in the Tacoma and Native Pathways programs.
  2. Tuesday: Juniors with 90-134 credits.
  3. Wednesday: Sophomores with 45-89 credits.
  4. Thursday: Freshmen with up to 44 credits.

Upcoming Registration Dates

On Friday of the first week of registration, waitlists by class level for undergraduate offerings are merged into a single waitlist per offering. This ensures that lower level students have an opportunity to get into high-demand offerings.

Non-admitted or “special” students may register starting in the second week of registration. Special students do not register online. Find out how to register as a non-admitted student.

Online registration remains open until the Friday of the first week of the quarter. Once the quarter has begun, registration requires faculty approval. Find out more about registering after the start of the quarter below.

How to Register

Admitted students register online at My Evergreen.

Check availability before you begin registration through Academic Advising's Enrollment Reports.

New to Evergreen? Visit our help wiki pages to learn how to register.

Take up to 8 undergraduate credits without applying for admission. Find out more in the Non-Admitted (Special) Student section.

Reserved Class Space

Many 16-credit programs have spaces reserved by class level to allow students of all levels the opportunity to get into the programs that meet their academic needs. Visit the catalog to see if your preferred program is one of them.

Faculty Signatures

If you need a faculty signature to get into an offering, contact the faculty. They can submit a signature online or by email, which you can confirm in your account on My Evergreen. Once they've signed electronically, you still need to register online. Otherwise, turn in a registration form with faculty signature on it or an email from them that says you can be registered in their offering.

Contracts and Internships

If you are taking a contract or internship, you must create your contract online through the Individual Study Contracts link in your My Evergreen account. If your contract is accepted, you will be formally registered during the first week of the quarter.

Registering with a Space-Available Waiver

Under certain conditions, some tuition costs may be waived for those 60+ years of age or for those working for the State of Washington or a public K-12 institution. 

Three waiver options are available: two for Washington State employees, and one for those 60+. 

Each waiver has different benefits, limitations and costs. Washington State law defines the conditions under which you may qualify. For more information on waivers, please visit our Registering with a Waiver section below.

Changing Your Registration

It's possible to make changes to your registration early in the quarter.

You can switch, drop or add offerings that still have openings.

Financial Aid and Registration Changes

If you have financial aid:

  • You must be registered (waitlists do not count) for financial aid to pay out.
  • Reducing your credit load below 12 credits (full-time) will affect your award.
  • Any change you make after the start of classes can affect your award.
  • Your financial aid award cannot be changed after the end of week two, the 10th day of class, even if you petition for a change in registration and your petition is approved.

Contact Financial Aid for help with any questions about how your changes may affect your award.

Switching Offerings

If you need to switch offering, make sure you use the Conditional Add/Drop check box near the submit button when registering.

This will ensure that you are only dropped from your current offering if there is space available in the new offering.

Dropping Offerings

If you need to drop an offering for any reason, you must complete the process yourself. Not going to class doesn't automatically drop you and telling your faculty doesn't automatically drop you either.

Until 4 pm on Friday of the first week of the quarter, you can drop registration online. If you drop before then, you will receive a 100% refund of tuition and fees.

Starting on Monday of week two, you can only drop registration by paper form with your signature. We accept registration forms in person, by mail, in our office drop box and by fax. Indicate which offerings you want to be dropped from. If there is a difference in the amount of fees and tuition, you will receive a refund of up to 100% of fees and 50% of tuition.

Starting on the 30th calendar day of the quarter, you can only drop by petition. We grant petitions only for extenuating circumstances beyond your control. There are no refunds. Remember to check My Evergreen to make sure your change has gone through.

If you drop all your classes, you may be considered on leave of absence or withdrawn from the college. Review the Leave of Absence or Withdrawal Form and Checklist (PDF).

Dropping Contracts and Internships

If you decide to drop a contract or internship, you must contact Registration and Records directly so that you don't get accidentally re-registered.

Adding Offerings

Showing up for class doesn't mean you're registered and verbal approval from faculty doesn't mean you're registered. Always check your registration details on My Evergreen.

Adding an offering that will take you above 18 credits? Review the policies for more than full time.

Until Friday at 4 pm of the first week of class, you can continue to register online with a faculty override. Since there are no longer waitlists after classes have started, you don't need to be on a waitlist to be added to a class. If you are really interested in a program and not yet registered, talk to the faculty.

After Friday at 4 pm of the first week, you can only register for more than 16 credits if you submit a petition to the Academic Deans.

Starting on Monday of week two, you can only add registration by paper form with faculty approval and your signature. We accept registration forms in person, by mail, in our office drop box and by fax. You must have already paid tuition in full or pay any additional tuition at the time you register. You will be charged a late fee of $50.

Starting on Monday of week three, you can only register by petition. If your petition is approved, you will be charged a $100 late fee.

Adding Contracts and Internships

Contracts and internships can be registered through the end of week 10 of the quarter before your contract starts. Registration deadlines are on our Individual Study Requirements site and on the Academic Calendar at a glance.

If you want to register after the deadline, you need to petition for an exception. See Individual Study Requirements for more information.

Changing Your Personal Information

Address, phone, email, name and gender

You can change your directory information online. Name and gender changes to your student records are done by Registration and Records with proper documentation.

Changing your Contact Information
Address, Telephone, Forwarding Email or Emergency Contact

You may update your mailing (local) and permanent addresses, telephone numbers, forwarding e-mail and emergency contact information via the “profile” link on My Evergreen. If you live in on-campus housing, your mailing address will automatically update when you check in or move to another on-campus address. This address will be inactivated when you check out of housing. While your Evergreen email is the primary method for official communications to you from the college, we may send certain items to your mailing or permanent address on file.

Each quarter many students fail to receive vital information because they do not check their email, update their addresses or notify Registration and Records of changes. Please remember that it is your responsibility to file these changes.

Changing Your Name

Adding or Changing Your Chosen First Name

You may choose to use a first name on campus that is different than your legal first name. To add a chosen first name to your record, complete our chosen first name request form(must be logged into Evergreen account). After we validate your request, we will enter your chosen first name in our system and let you know it is now on record. It may take up to 24 hours for your information to display in these systems. Our help article will give current information on which systems are and are not able to display chosen first names. You may also revoke or change an existing chosen first name by using the same request form.

Changing Your Legal Name

You can change your legal name at Evergreen by submitting a legal name change form (PDF) with one piece of identification that has your new name. Acceptable pieces of identification are listed on the form.

Registration and Records will process your name change when you submit your name change form and identification documents. Your name will be updated in the student information system within one to two business days. 

If you are not a United States citizen, you must show a valid passport and photo ID reflecting your new legal name.

Your new and former names will appear on your Evergreen transcripts.

Changing Your Displayed Name and Username (Alias) 

Students may change how their name appears to the outside world in most Evergreen applications. To change your displayed name, first complete the process of changing your legal name with Registration and Records. After your name change is processed, your new name will display in applications like Canvas and WordPress.

Changing Your Gender Designation

To change the gender designation on your student record, submit a Request for Gender Designation Change (PDF) form to Registration and Records.

Your gender designation will be updated in the student information system within one to two business days.

Evergreen’s Registration and Records strives to provide a safe, comfortable and non-discriminatory experience for students whose gender identity or gender expression does not conform to their assigned legal sex at birth. For questions or concerns regarding our name gender change processes, contact Registration and Records at (360) 867-6180 or

Non-Admitted (Special) Students

Special students cannot earn a degree until applying for admission and being admitted.

Special students attend without being admitted.

Registering as a Special Student

You may take 8 undergraduate credits per quarter (fall, winter or spring) without being admitted to the college.

In summeryou may take up to 20 undergraduate credits as a non-admitted (special) student.

Graduate Programs

  • Master of Environmental Studies: Non-admitted students may take four elective credits per quarter with permission from the faculty member. Register in person during the first week of the quarter.
  • Master of Public Administration: Non-admitted students may take a limited number of credits with permission.
  • Master in Teaching: You must be admitted to the program to take offerings.
How to Register

To register, complete the Special Student Registration Form and submit it to the Registration and Records Office by mail, by fax, by email or in person.

Using a state/college employee or 60+ waiver? You’ll register after classes start, which requires a faculty signature. You can only register if there is space available as determined by Registration and Records. See the registering with a waiver tab below.

Otherwise, you'll begin registering one week after admitted students, following all the same processes and paying the same amount of tuition and fees.

If there are multiple Course Registration Numbers, you generally need to use the freshman number.

All of the credits you earn can count toward an Evergreen bachelor's or master's degree. But remember, you will need to apply for formal admission to Evergreen before you can graduate and be given a degree.

Using My Evergreen and Your Email Address

Once you’re registered, you’ll get an account for My Evergreen and an email address. Activate your account to check registration details, pay tuition and fees, access course resources, participate in evaluations and more.

Most official messages from the college will be sent to your email address.

See the Help Wiki for more information about using My Evergreen and your email.

Sitting In On a Class (Auditing)

An auditor is a class visitor permitted on a space-available basis to attend class without earning credit. Attendance in class beyond three visitations requires official approval from the instructor, enrollment through Registration and Records and payment of associated tuition and fees. Read the full policy on auditing.

Registering With a Waiver

Washington State Employees, public K-12 staff members and people aged 60+.

What is a Waiver?

Under certain conditions, some tuition costs may be waived for those 60+ years of age or for those working for the State of Washington or a public K-12 institution. Each waiver has different benefits, limitations and costs. Washington state law defines the conditions under which you may qualify.

Benefits and Limitations for All Waivers

  • By law, tuition waivers cannot be awarded to students in classes which must cover their own costs without state support, also known as "self-sustaining". Self-sustaining classes include things like summer classes.
  • Tuition waiver requests must be submitted every quarter you are registered and are requesting a tuition reduction.
  • Tuition waiver requests must be submitted to Registration and Records  no later than Friday of Week 2. Any requests after this will not be approved.
  • You have access to course counseling, equal to all other students.
  • You must meet all class ​requirements, equal to all other students.

Employee Waivers 

We offer two waivers to Washington state employees and public K-12 staff who want to earn a degree or take classes at a reduced rate. One waiver allows you to earn your undergraduate or graduate degree for a little over half the cost of tuition. Under the other waiver, you pay an administrative fee much lower than tuition. However, it only applies to specific types of classes and only if there is an open seat when the quarter begins. To qualify for either waiver, you must be:

  • A permanent employee
  • Employed half-time or more in one of the following:
    • Classified service under RCW 41.06
    • Classified employee or exempt paraprofessional of a technical college
    • Faculty member, counselor, librarian, exempt professional or administrative employee at an institution of higher education as defined in RCW 28B.10.016
    • Teacher or other certified instructional staff employed at public common and vocational schools
    • Classified staff employed at a public common school as defined in RCW 28A.150.020 when used as part of a teacher preparation program or which is relevant to their work assignment 
Employee 50% Operating Fee Tuition Waiver 
Benefits and Limitations 
  • Graduate students must contact their program prior to submitting a 50% operating fee tuition waiver form
  • Available to Evergreen, Washington state and public K-12 employees, as defined above
  • You must be admitted, seeking a degree at Evergreen
  • Limited number available
  • You may take advantage of admitted student priority registration
  • Waiver applies to any type of class, including graduate core programs, thesis, and individual study
  • You receive benefits equal to other tuition and fee-paying students – ID card, student discount at events, etc. 
  • Once awarded, the waiver remains with you while you meet the following conditions:
    • Maintain good academic standing in your degree program
    • Continue to be an eligible employee, as defined above. You must confirm you are an eligible employee each quarter.
    • Maintain enrollment during the academic year (fall, winter, spring) toward your degree
  • Waiver reduces​ 50% of operating fee tuition for any credit amount, part-time or full-time
  • Some fees from tuition are charged (building fee and services and activities (S&A) fee)
  • Some​ fees are waived (wellness fee)
  • Fees for materials or activities are charged, if required for the class
Employee Full Tuition Waiver Up to 4 credits 
Benefits and Limitations 
  • Available to Evergreen, Washington state and public K-12 employees, as defined in the Employee Waivers section above.
  • You do not need to be admitted
  • Limited to 4 graduate or undergraduate credits. If you register for more than 4 credits, you will be charged full tuition and fees for all credits.
  • Waiver does not apply to graduate core programs, Thesis, or individual study (contracts or internships). It does apply to graduate courses (elective or concentration courses).
  • Limited to ​classes with space available and no waitlist at the beginning of the quarter. ​Classes must already exist; creating new sections in existing classes is prohibited.
  • Employee waivers will be given to Evergreen employees first
  • Must submit waiver request along with registration form no earlier than first day of the quarter
  • If admitted, you cannot take advantage of admitted student priority registration and request a waiver. You must choose one or the other.​
  • You will not be charged Student Activity or Wellness fees. Therefore, you will not receive an ID card or receive benefits from programs supported by those fees.
  • Waiver eligibility is determined on a quarter-by-quarter basis. It does not remain with you from quarter to quarter.
  • $100 administrative fee
  • Fees for materials or activities, if required for the class
60+ Full Tuition Waiver up to 8 credits 

We offer a tuition waiver to those aged 60 or higher. You pay an administrative fee much lower than tuition. However, there are limitations on the types of classes that qualify. Within qualifying classes, there must be an existing available seat when the quarter begins.

Benefits and Limitations 
  • Available to those aged 60 or older
  • You must not be admitted, seeking a degree
  • Limited to a total of 8 undergraduate credits; no more than two courses
  • Limited to courses with space available and no waitlist at the beginning of the quarter. Courses must already exist; creating new sections in existing classes is prohibited.
  • Waiver does not apply to programs, graduate study or individual study (contracts or internships)
  • Must submit waiver request along with registration form no earlier than first day of the quarter
  • You will not be charged Student Activity or Wellness fees. Therefore, you will not receive an ID card or receive benefits from programs supported by those fees.
  • Waiver eligibility is determined on a quarter-by-quarter basis. It does not remain with you from quarter to quarter.
  • $100 administrative fee
  • Fees for materials or activities, if required for the class
  • Complete a special student registration form, and have it signed by the faculty member teaching your desired course Special (non-admitted) Student Registration Form (PDF)
  • Complete the 60-Plus Waiver Form (PDF)
  • Submit both forms to Registration and Records, no earlier than the first day of class and no later than the end of Week 2
  • After verifying your eligibility and space-availability in the course, Registration and Records will complete your registration, apply the waiver and send a message to your Evergreen email confirming your registration
  • Registration and Records will email you if your registration request does not meet one or more of the requirements

Adding Yourself to a Waitlist

Sign up for a chance to get into a course or program that’s full.

If you try to register for an offering and it's full, you can add yourself to the waitlist. You must choose "Wait List" from the drop-down and click "Submit" to be added to the waitlist.

If you try to register for more than one full offering, you can add yourself to more waitlists.

If you're on more than one waitlist, set which offerings are the ones you want most with the Waitlist Preference Form in My Evergreen.

If you end up getting registered for an offering and are no longer interested in your wait-listed offering, be sure to remove yourself. That way someone else can get the spot and you don't get accidentally registered for something you don't want.

Moving Into an Offering From a Waitlist

When a space opens in an offering that has a waitlist, Registration moves people from the waitlist in order.

During the first week of registration, each offering's waitlist is separated by class standing. After that, the waitlists are combined and ordered by when everyone added themselves to the waitlist. New additions come in at the end of the list. For the best chance of getting into an offering, register as early as you can.

You can see what position you're in on My Evergreen.

The last time that people are moved from waitlists into offerings is the Friday morning before the quarter starts. After that, you'll need to work directly with the faculty to see if you can get in.

Preference Form to Get What You Want

If you are on the waitlists for more than one offering, use the preference form. That's the best way to make sure you get registered for the offerings you really want.

Otherwise, Registration and Records has to make assumptions and guesses. We want you to get what you want, but we aren't psychic! We assume that the first thing you tried to register for is the offering you want most and that you want to be registered full time.

Help us help you and fill out the preference form. Or if you get registered for something else and decide to stick with it, remove yourself from the waitlists.

Your First Day

If you're still on a waitlist when the quarter starts, and you want to see if it's possible to get in, go to the first session of both the program you're registered for and your waitlist program.

If they meet at the same time, talk to the faculty. Be sure to go to the one you're registered for and talk to the other one.

Commonly Used Forms

Change status, petitions, exemptions, waivers, graduation and certificates

Find the forms that students request most often from Registration and Records. If you have any questions about which forms you need, please contact our office.

You will need the free Acrobat Reader to view and print the PDF version of a form.

Graduation Forms

Forms, Processes and Requirements


Admitted Student Registration (Add/Drop Form) (PDF)
Special (Non-Admitted) Student Registration Form (PDF)
Change of Status Form (PDF)


Petition for Registration Policy Exception (PDF)
Special (Non-Admitted) Student Petition for more than 8 credits (PDF) 

Professional Certificates

Professional Certificate Enrollment Form (PDF)

Tuition Exemptions and Waivers

Study Abroad Waiver
60-Plus Tuition Waiver Form (PDF)
Employee 50% Operating Waiver Eligibility Form (PDF)
State Employee Waiver Request Form (PDF)


When your registration just doesn’t look right

One of the most common problems comes from issues with waitlist priority. Make sure you've adjusted your waitlists to reflect what you really want. Learn how waitlists work.

Register for the Right Number of Credits

Most full-time undergraduate students should plan on taking 12 to 16 credits per quarter. Taking more than 16 credits is a serious decision. There are restrictions on what you can take at 17 to 20 credits to help you be most successful. No student may take more than 20 credits per quarter, including credits taken at any other college at the same time.

Deal With Account Holds

Fines, late tuition, late fees, missing transcripts, missing immunization documents or bouncing email can cause account holds.

See if you have a hold in your “to-do” box in My Evergreen. Click through to see what kind of hold, who to contact, and whether it affects your registration. You’ll still need to talk to someone to have a hold lifted after you resolve the problem.

Holds can be placed at any time. Check before registration opens to be sure you don't have any holds that could keep you from registering.

Take Leave Without Losing Ground

If you have completed at least one quarter at Evergreen, you can choose to not register for classes for up to four quarters (including summer) and still be considered a student at Evergreen. Your college email will remain active during this time and you will continue to receive college emails at that address.

You can formally declare a leave of absence, so that Financial Aid knows to adjust your package. You'll indicate when you are planning to return to Evergreen on the leave form.

After four quarters absent, you will be formally withdrawn and need to reapply for admission. You have the right to request to be withdrawn from the college at any time.

There are financial aid consequences to withdrawing or taking a leave of absence. Contact Financial Aid if you have questions.

I Didn't Get Email

When you were first admitted to Evergreen, we sent you information about your official email account.

Official college communications, including all registration, financial aid and student account information will be sent to this email address.

Check your college email on a regular basis to make sure you don't miss anything important.

If your email on file bounces, you'll have a hold placed on your account.

See the Help Wiki for information about using your email account.

Registration and Records


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  • Monday - Friday: 9 am - 4 pm