Order Transcripts

You have several options for ordering and securely delivering your official transcript or academic summary.

Ordering Official Transcripts

Order Official Transcripts Through Parchment

Order unofficial one-page academic summaries through the “Transcript Orders” link on My Evergreen.

If you have graduated or are no longer a student, you will need to request an alumni (former student) account. If your name has changed since you last attended Evergreen, change your legal name with Registration and Records before we can assign your account and contact us if you need special assistance.

Transcript Pricing

  • Official transcript (electronic)—$15 each
  • Official transcript (paper, picked up or mailed within the U.S. or its territories)—$20 for first copy and $10 for additional copies in the same order going to the same address
  • Official transcript (paper, mailed to an international address)—$40 for first copy and $30 for additional copies in the same order going to the same address
  • Unofficial academic summary (electronic only)—$10
  • Unofficial transcript (available in-person at Registration and Records only)—$10

Learn more about transcript formats.

If you mistype your information or your recipient's information and need to get another transcript, you'll have to pay again, so please double-check addresses and email addresses when you type.

As-is Versus Final Transcript

If you’re a current student requesting a transcript near the end of the quarter, you can choose to hold your transcript until all your evaluations are posted, or send it “as-is. If you choose the hold option, your transcript won't be processed until all your faculty have submitted evaluations.

Before You Order

The transcript ordering system works most consistently with the Firefox browser.

Make sure you don’t have any holds on your account.

Know your transcript recipient’s requirements:

  • Paper or electronic
  • Any special requirements, as law schools and overseas schools often have specific requirements
  • If paper, mailing address
  • If electronic, email address
  • Any additional contact information, specific names, etc.

Make sure your recipient knows what to expect from an Evergreen transcript. Because our transcripts look different from other school transcripts, they are sometimes mishandled. If you can get a specific name or office for your recipient, please do.

You can pay online via Visa, American Express, Discover and MasterCard, with a 2.75% processing fee. You can also pay via electronic check without a fee.

After Your Order is Submitted

All transcript orders, both paper and electronic, take one to five business days for processing. We always review your transcript to make sure all evaluations are listed in the correct order, have correct information and are free of typos. Our busiest times of year are October through January, and the months of April and June.

If it's going to take longer than five days because of unusual problems or other circumstances, we'll let you know and you can always check the status of your order on My Evergreen.

If a hold goes on your account after you order but before we process it, we will not send out your transcript until you deal with the hold.

Electronic transcripts and summaries are available immediately after processing. You and your recipient will receive an email when your transcript is ready.

Paper transcripts are sent by United States Postal Service. Mailing time may vary depending on distance and time of year.

If Recipient Didn’t Get the Transcript

Double-check the contact information. If you submitted the wrong information, you will need to order a new transcript. If you do need to reorder, let us know and we can expedite your request.

Make sure the recipient knows what your transcript should look like. Sometimes paper transcripts are mishandled when mail rooms don't know what the documents are.

For electronic transcripts, make sure that the notification isn't in their junk mail. We can resend notification emails. Please make sure that they get the email before it expires.

If the recipient still cannot locate your transcript, contact Evergreen Transcripts at (360) 867-6905. We will confirm the delivery information and check if the transcript has been returned. If it has not been returned and the recipient still hasn’t received it, you must request and pay for another transcript. We will work with you to expedite the second sending of transcripts.

Third-Party Requests

If someone else needs to request your transcript directly, you'll need to sign a release form provided by the party requesting the transcript. The employer, school, parent or other will need to send that with a paper order form and payment to Evergreen.