Academic Fairs

Ask faculty questions, pick up materials or a syllabus, evaluate your choices, get signatures if required, and conduct interviews or portfolio reviews.

Upcoming Academic Fairs

Winter Quarter 2024: Wednesday, November 29, 2023 (remote)

Fairs run from 4-6 pm Pacific Time

Dates for academic fairs are also on the Academic Calendar.

Academic Fair Tips

How to prepare

  • Review the Academic Catalog. The fair does not replace reading the catalog. If you have no idea what you want to take, talk to an academic advisor, faculty or core connector prior to the fair.
  • Create your prioritized list of program and course choices.
  • Brainstorm and write down questions you have about programs or courses that interest you.
  • Check the catalog for signature requirements and prerequisites. Some programs also have an application process for acceptance. Check the catalog to see what's required and be ready to bring it with you to the fair.

What you can do at the Academic Fair

  • Contact faculty
  • Get an updated syllabus, if available
  • Gain understanding of the workload required for a program or course
  • Confirm you are prepared for work in your chosen program, course, research work, or individual study
  • Get signatures
    Important: a faculty signature allows you to register; it is not a registration. After you get a signature, you must complete your registration.
  • Talk to advisors or the Academic Deans staff

What you should do outside the Academic Fair

  • If you need in-depth advising, visit an academic advisor or your current or previous faculty outside the fair.
  • Confidential meetings with faculty or advisors should also be done outside the Academic Fair.
  • While it is possible to find a sponsor for your individual study at the Academic Fair, you may be more successful by using the strategies listed on our Individual Study website. Have a back up plan for what you will take, if you can't find a sponsor.