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Community Members and Visitors

Purchase quarterly and annual parking permits, pay tickets and appeal citations:

Community Member Parking Services Portal

Parking permits are required Monday through Friday, 7 am - 9 pm all year long for vehicles and motorcycles parking on the Olympia Campus. There is no charge to park on Saturdays or Sundays or observed college holidays. All other parking rules apply during weekends and holidays.

Parking Services Hours 
Monday - Friday: 9 am - 4 pm
Closed Daily: 12:30 - 1 pm

Parking Permits

Parking Services uses a pay-by-plate tracking system. Parking privileges are identified by license plates, rather than a physical decal or parking pass. Purchase your quarterly or annual Parking Permit and register your vehicle's plate number.

Hourly or daily parking permits can be purchased at the Parking Payment Kiosks located in Lot B, Lot C and Lot F. Vehicles will be identified by license plate for this system too.

Purchase a 1-day or 2-hour permit using Text to Park, Parking Payment Kiosk or via the Flowbird app.

Parking Permit

Quarterly / Annual

Evergreen Students, Staff and Faculty

Log in to the Parking Services Customer Portal

Community Members and Campus Visitors

Log in to the Community Member Customer Portal


1-day / 2-hour

For Text-to-Park, follow these four steps*:

  1. Text "PARKEVER" to 727563 and click the link in the responding text.
  2. Enter your vehicle information and cell phone number.
  3. Use the plus button to add daily parking time.
  4. Enter your credit card info and you are all set. You may park and your license plate is registered

*When using the Text-to-Park feature, parking payment links are sent via SMS by Flowbird. Message and data rates may apply. Message frequency varies. Reply HELP for support or STOP to stop and opt out. View the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy.

Parking Payment Kiosk

1-day / 2-hour

Parking Payment Kiosks accept credit cards, coins and bills (no change given) and are located on the sidewalks in Lot B and Lot C as you walk towards the Olympia Campus core, as well as the entrance to Lot F. Here's how to use the Parking Payment Kiosk:

  1. Push the green "START" button.
  2. Touch "2 HOUR" or "DAILY" parking.
  3. Enter your vehicle license plate number and touch "NEXT".
  4. Insert payment type (coins, bills or card).
  5. Confirm details and touch "NEXT".
  6. Enjoy your visit to campus. You do not need to display the receipt on your vehicle dashboard.

Enforcement is by license plate number, so please check your plate number for accuracy when entering the plate number at the kiosk. Vehicles that have plate numbers entered incorrectly at the kiosk are subject to parking citation for no valid permit.

Flowbird App

1-day / 2-hour

For the Flowbird App, follow these three steps:

  1. Select location
  2. Choose duration
  3. Confirm payment

Download the Flowbird App for free or visit, It's easier, safer and faster and no more cash is needed.


Parking Services enforces paying for parking Monday through Friday, 7 am to 9 pm.

Students can purchase quarterly and annual parking permits, pay tickets and appeal citations via the Parking Services Customer Portal.

Permit Rates & Dates

Rates apply to all visitors, students, faculty, and staff. 

Parking Rates

2023-24 Rates, Refunds
Permit TypeVehiclesMotorcycles
1 Hour$2.00$2.00
2 Hour$4.00$4.00
1 Day$6.00$6.00
30 Calendar Days$45.00$45.00
Additional Vehicle*
(Quarterly/Annual Only)

*Quarterly and Annual Permits allow for two vehicles on the permit.

  • Only one vehicle per permit is allowed on campus at a time. Vehicles must all be registered to the same owner.
  • Motorcycle permits may not add a vehicle permit, but a vehicle permit may add a motorcycle as part of their permit. 


Refund requests for annual and quarterly permits are prorated to the cost of daily parking for each business day that has passed in the permit validity window. To estimate your refund amount, take the current daily rate multiplied by the number of business days that have elapsed since the permit valid window. Then, subtract that amount from the permit purchase rate to determine any refund amount you may be due. Contact Parking Services for a refund request and the official amount you may be refunded.  

Permit Dates

Quarterly & Annual
Permit TypeBeginsEnds
Annual 2023-249/11/20239/24/2024
Fall 20239/11/20231/09/2024
Winter 20241/08/20244/02/2024
Spring 20244/01/20246/25/2024
Summer 20246/24/20249/24/2024

Where to Park

Below is a list of where to park to get you the closest to your destination. Parking Payment Kiosks are located in each lot on the main sidewalks as you enter the campus core from the parking lots. Remember to stop and pay for parking. You will need to know your license plate number.

Parking Lot BParking Lot C
  • Library and Computer Center
  • Labs, Seminar I, and Purce Hall
  • Police and Parking Services
  • Admissions & Registration
  • Administrative Offices
  • House of Welcome / Longhouse
  • Organic Farm
  • Library and Computer Center
  • Seminar II
  • College Activities Building
  • Greenery 
  • Bookstore 
  • College Recreation Center
  • Gym and Pool
  • Communications and Theatre

Disabled-Access Parking

Accommodations, Contacts

All lots have parking available for persons displaying a valid disabled-access ADA placard. If you have questions, please contact the Parking Services Office either by phone (360) 867-6352, or email or by visiting the Parking Office in the Seminar 1 Building, Room 3157.

Parking permits are required in disabled-access parking spaces in addition to your ADA parking placard. Temporary ADA placards for on-campus use only, are available at the Parking Services Office.

ADA parking spaces near your building all full? Be sure to contact Parking Services to request an alternative close-in accommodation before parking in a non-designated location.

If you require close-in parking accommodations on a long-term basis and you are an enrolled student, please contact Access Services (360) 867-6364, for authorization.

Visitors and guests should contact Parking Services directly for ADA parking accommodations.

Electric Vehicles

Charging Stations & Rates

The college provides Level Two (220-volt) charging stations on the east side of Lot C. The stations are part of the Blink Network. Charging rates range from $0.39/kWh for Blink Plus members to $0.49/kWh for Blink Guests. A valid parking permit is still required for electric charging spots.

Parking in the electric vehicle charging spots is allowed only while your vehicle is actively charging!  Please be considerate and move your vehicle to another parking space once you have finished charging your vehicle.

Residential Parking

Campus Housing, Short-term Visitors

If you choose to bring your car to campus, you must purchase a valid permit and follow the campus parking rules.

Campus Housing Residents

For residents living in campus housing, parking Lot F is a short walk to the dorms. Residents should purchase a parking permit to save money on their parking privileges. If you choose to bring your car to campus, you must purchase a parking permit and follow the campus parking rules to avoid accumulating citations, which my result in a wheel-lock being placed on your vehicle.

There is no parking on the sidewalks and access roads around the dorm buildings. Vehicles will be cited and/or towed if parked on the access roads or sidewalks without prior authorization from Parking Services.

Short-Term Visitor Parking

If you have visitors, they may park in Lot F by purchasing hourly or daily permits at the Parking Payment Kiosk at the entrance to F-Lot. The kiosks accept credit cards, bills, and coins (no change given). Visitors will need to enter their license plate number when purchasing their hourly or daily permit. There is no charge to park on weekends.

Longhouse Parking

Lot, Disabled Spaces, Loading Access

Public parking is very limited in the Longhouse parking lot. Guests are encouraged to park in Lot B and walk to the Longhouse via the emergency/service-vehicle pathway from Lot B to the Longhouse.

Parking is enforced Monday through Friday, 7 am - 9 pm. Guests must have a parking permit. Alternatively, hourly/daily parking can be paid for via the Flowbird parking app for mobile phones.


Guests may park for a maximum of 30 minutes in the paved driveway at the back door to accommodate loading and unloading needs.

Disabled Parking Spaces

Disabled parking spaces are available near the Longhouse.  A state-issued hang tag or license plates, or a college-issued hang tag is required as well as a daily parking permit. To obtain a college-issued hangtag for disabled parking for use on campus only, please call the Parking Services Office at (360) 867-6352.

Parking Violations

Parking in a coin-operated metered space?  Even if you have a valid parking permit, you must also feed the parking meter to avoid an overtime parking violation.

Parking Fines

2022 - 2023
Parking ViolationFine
No Valid Permit$25
Overtime Parking$25
Improper Position$25
Violation of Disabled Zone$100
Parked at a Painted Curb$25
Prohibited Zone$25
Obstructing Traffic$25
Parked in Bus Zone$62.50
Fire Lane$62.50
Parked on Grass$25
Altered Permit$25
Not Designated Parking Space$25
Expired Meter$25
Wheel-Lock (Boot) Fee$87.50

Late Fee

Unpaid Fines

Fines not paid within 30 days of the citation issue date are subject to a $30 late fee.

Boots & Tows

Unpaid Fines, Metered Spaces, Emergency & Service Access
  1. Do not let unpaid parking citations accumulate. If you have at least 3 unpaid tickets, the oldest being at least 30 days old, your vehicle is at risk of being impounded in place (wheel-locked). Once a wheel lock is placed on your vehicle you must go to the Parking Services Office (or call 360 867 6352) and pay the boot fee ($87.50) as well as all of your unpaid tickets. Once the fines are paid, the wheel-lock will be removed. If you feel you cannot pay these charges and you are a currently-enrolled student, you may have the option to sign an agreement and have the charges placed on your student account. If the boot fee and citations are not paid or (if eligible) placed on your student account within 24 hours, the vehicle will be towed off campus at the owners expense.
  2. Do not leave your vehicle parked overtime in metered or time-limited spaces.  If a vehicle is cited for overtime parking in a time-limited space or at an expired meter and not moved promptly, it is subject to multiple citations. If the vehicle is not moved within 4 hours after the first citation, the vehicle will be towed off campus at the owner's expense. 
  3. Unattended vehicles in fire lanes, service roads, and other unauthorized areas may be immediately towed at owners expense.

Parking Citations

Wish to pay your parking fine after office hours?  For after hours payment, you can either mail a payment (instructions and envelope included with the citation), or pay online in the parking customer portal.

Pay a Citation

Payment Portal Access

Appeal a Citation

Process & Requirements

Parking citations must be appealed within 10 calendar days of the citation issuance date. Appeals should be placed via the portal links listed above. Once logged in, click on the Ticket icon in the top menu bar and then click the appeal button next to the ticket. Submit the necessary information and upload any supporting documentation that supports your case. If 10 calendar days has passed, the ability to appeal the citation has passed and the appeal button will no longer be available for the citation. Appeals may also be placed in-person at the Parking Services Office during normal business hours but must also be completed within 10 calendar days of the citation's issuance date.

Once your appeal has been reviewed and a judgement decision is made, you will be notified via email. Your citation can be waived, enforced, or reduced depending on the results of your appeal. Instruction on how to pay an amount still due will be sent in your email notification. If your ticket is left unpaid  for 30 days (but a minimum of 10 days after appeal decision is made), it will be subject to additional late fees.

If your appeal is denied and you do not agree, you may request a second level appeal within 10 days of notice of initial judgement decision in writing by emailing Your parking citation must be paid in order for your second level appeal to be reviewed. If your second level appeal is granted and your fine is waived or reduced, a refund will be issued for any amounts due. The judgement decision of the second level appeal is final.

Campus Operations

Loading Zones

15-min, 30-min, Residencies

Loading Zones & Delivery Areas


A 15-minute loading zone is available in the main campus bus loop. No parking permit required. Vehicles parked past time limit are subject to citation.


30-minute loading zones are available in several locations with no parking permit required. Vehicles parked past time limit are subject to citation.

  • In front of Seminar 2 at the bus loop
  • Behind the Library Building, adjacent to the loading dock
  • Behind the Communications Lab Building, adjacent to the loading dock
  • Housing Loop Load/Unload spaces
  • At the Longhouse
  • At the Children’s Center

Unloading in the Residences

During designated times for Fall check-in, the housing loop is open to loading and unloading with help from Residential and Housing staff. Signs will be clearly posted during Fall check-in when this service is available.

If you need to unload and load in the Housing loop, the only designated area is within the loading zone parking spaces located just past the bus zone. 

Important: Do not park in the emergency space or the bus zone in the Housing Loop, or you could receive a citation.

If you require special permission to load or unload near your dorm, please contact the Parking Services Office at (360) 867-6352 and provide your vehicle's license plate number and description in order to obtain a parking clearance and avoid a parking citation. Parking services may be able to clear you for 15 minutes to complete your loading or unloading. This means you will need to have your items ready before moving your vehicle up to your dorm, and immediately move your vehicle as soon as you have loaded or unloaded your items.

Parking Policies and Procedures

Parking Permits, Wheel-locks & Tows

The Washington Administrative Code governs parking on The Evergreen State College Olympia Campus.

Parking Permits are required. Permits for quarterly, academic, and annual parking are available for purchase via the parking services web portal or in the Parking Services office. Permits for two hours or day parking can be purchased at the Parking Payment Kiosks located in Lot B, Lot C, or Lot F.  Coin-operated meters are located in Lot B and Lot C.  You must pay the coin-operated meter even if you have a parking permit.

Parking violation citations must be paid or appealed within 10 days of the issue date. Late fees are assessed for citations left unpaid for 30 days from issue date.  Unpaid citations and fines may be moved to student accounts after 30 days and non-student citations and fines are turned over to a third party collections agency if left unpaid for 60 days.

Wheel-locks & Tows

  1. If a vehicle has been cited and remains parked overtime in a timed space or at an expired meter it will be cited for overtime parking. If the vehicle is not moved, it is subject to additional citations and will be towed off campus in 4 hours, at the owner's expense. 
  2. If you have at least 3 unpaid parking tickets, the oldest being at least 30 days old, your vehicle is eligible to be wheel-locked. If a wheel-lock is placed on your vehicle, you will need to visit the Parking Services Office in COM 105, or call (360) 867-6352, and you will be required to pay the wheel-lock fee as well as all of your unpaid tickets. Once the fines are paid, the wheel-lock will be removed. If you feel you cannot pay these charges and are currently enrolled in classes, you may have the option to defer these charges to your student account. If the boot fee and citation fines are not paid within 24 hours, the vehicle will be towed off campus at the owner's expense.

Unattended vehicles in fire lanes, service roads, and other unauthorized areas may be immediately towed at owner's expense.


Vehicle Jump Starts and Unlocks

Both Parking and Police Services provide free vehicle jump-starts upon request. Please call (360) 867-6832 and speak with Evergreen's friendly Police Dispatchers to request jump-starts and vehicle unlocks.