Information for Parents of Undergraduate Students

Parents can play an important role in helping their student graduate from college. This page is tailored to assist parents in accessing specific resources and information.

All award notifications, correspondence, and information regarding financial aid are sent to students’ email, account, or mailing address.


The Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords students certain rights with respect to their education records.Under this federal law, the financial aid office cannot give out any information to anyone other than the student, even if the student is under 18, and even if you, the parent, are are paying for your child's education. We can give parents information about their Plus loan, what to do if you, the parent, have had a drastic change in income or have special circumstances. Students can give the college permission to release certain information to their parents, other family members, 3rd parties, etc. Please visit the FERPA Page for more information.

Parent Plus Loan

A Federal Direct Parent Plus Loan may be offered as a part of a students financial aid package. This loan is only offered to parents of dependent students and is a loan in the parent's name and can only be used for supporting the student's education. The student cannot accept this award. The Parent Plus Loan is offered to help meet the cost of attendance after the student has been awarded all other eligible aid. This award cannot exceed the students cost of attendance. For more information about the Parent Plus Loan, including how to apply, please visit our Federal Direct PLUS Loans Page.

Change in Income, Resources, or Special Circumstances

Each year the FAFSA becomes available January 1st, but is based on income from the prior year. For example the 2013 – 2014 FAFSA is based on 2012 income and resources. We realize that students and families may have extraordinary circumstances and that financial situations can change. These occurrences may not be reflected on the FAFSA. These may include, but aren't limited to: on-going or extreme medical expenses, loss of income, death of a parent, etc. you may contact our office to find out if your circumstances qualify for an adjustment to your income, which may qualify your student for other need-based financial aid.


For more information on how to figure out how much it will cost to attend Evergreen and how the student’s financial aid is taken into consideration, please visit our Cost of Attendance (COA) Page.

Net Price Calculator

Families of new first-year and transfer students can use our Net Price Calculator to estimate their real cost of attendance.

Billing and Payments

Please check Student Financial Services (Bursar) for more information on tuition due dates, making payments, bill processing, and their contact information.