AmeriCorps Education Award Policy

Have you successfully completed a term of service in an approved national service position with AmeriCorps/VISTA and are you eligible to receive an education award? If so, you will receive the money when the trust sends it to the school. Your Financial Aid Office will certify AmeriCorps payment vouchers for students who are currently enrolled at The Evergreen State College. This policy is consistent with eligibility requirements set forth by the Corporation for National & Community Service.

Any AmeriCorps recipient who needs to have previously requested funds disbursed in a manner other than they requested them from the Corporation must notify the Financial Aid Office and we will attempt to revise the distribution. If you find that you need more money to meet your educational needs please confer with a counselor.

AmeriCorps recipients who withdraw from Evergreen or drop all credits attempted within the first five days of the quarter (100% refund period) will have a portion of their AmeriCorps funds returned to the National Service Trust. The amount of funds returned will be based on the number of days that a student attends classes during the first five days.

Students attending no classes will have 100% of the AmeriCorps award returned, while students attending at least one day of class will be eligible to keep a percentage of their AmeriCorps funds.

If an AmeriCorps recipient withdraws after the first five days of the quarter, then Evergreen will not return any funds to the National Service Trust.

Students receiving any other forms of financial aid, in addition to AmeriCorps funds, may be required to return unearned aid at any time during the quarter as determined by the Evergreen Return of Funds Policy.

How to Receive Your Money

Use the AmeriCorps Online Site to request funds for the academic year. This is the quickest way to receive your money. How quick? If you use the online system, your money usually comes within 5 business days. If you use your paper voucher to request money, your money usually comes in 40 business days. Evergreen does not pay you your AmeriCorps money until it arrives from the National Trust so this makes a big difference in how quickly you receive your money.