When and How to Register

When to Register

Every quarter registration opens in groups by class level. Look up your registration opening time, or “time ticket” on My Evergreen starting on the day of the Academic Fair.

  1. Monday: Seniors with 135 or more credits, post-baccalaureate undergraduates, veterans or veteran dependents, graduate students, and students in the Tacoma and Native Pathways programs
  2. Tuesday: Juniors with 90-134 credits
  3. Wednesday: Sophomores with 45-89 credits
  4. Thursday: Freshmen with up to 44 credits. Freshmen students are also offered an early registration time for Fall quarter.

On Friday of the first week of registration, waitlists by class level for undergraduate offerings are merged into a single waitlist per offering. This ensures that lower level students have an opportunity to get into high-demand offerings.

Non-admitted, or “special” students may register starting in the second week of registration. Special students do not register online. Find out how to register as a non-admitted student.

Online registration remains open until the Friday of the first week of the quarter. Once the quarter has begun, registration requires faculty approval. Find out more about registering after the start of the quarter.

How to Register

Admitted students register online at My Evergreen.

Check availability before you begin registration through Academic Advising's Enrollment Reports.

New to Evergreen? Login to Canvas for a step-by-step tutorial on how to register. 

Take up to 8 undergrad credits without applying for admission. Find out more.

Faculty Signatures

If you need a faculty signature to get into an offering, contact the faculty.

They can submit a signature online or by email, which you can confirm in your account on My Evergreen. Once they've signed electronically, you still need to register online.

Otherwise, turn in a registration form with faculty signature on it or an email from them that says you can be registered in their offering.

Contracts and Internships

If you are taking a contract or internship, you must create your contract online through the Individual Study Contracts process. If your contract is accepted, you will be formally registered during the first week of the quarter.

Registering with a Space-Available Waiver

In some cases, a student may be able to register for available spaces in classes after the quarter begins with a tuition waiver, including Washington residents aged 60 and older, Washington state classified employees, Evergreen staff and faculty, and certain other eligible public employees. 

You’ll register after classes start, which requires a faculty signature. You can only register if there is space available as determined by Registration.

Space is reserved for...

Many 16-credit programs have spaces reserved by class level. That way, students of all levels have the opportunity to get into the programs that meet their academic needs. Check the catalog to see if your preferred program is one of them.