Sign up for a waitlist for the chance to get into a course or program that’s full.

Adding Yourself to a Waitlist

If you try to register for an offering and it's full, you can add yourself to the waitlist. You must choose "Wait List" from the drop-down and click "Submit" to be added to the waitlist.

If you try to register for more than one full offering, you can add yourself to more waitlists.

If you're on more than one waitlist, set which offerings are the ones you want most with the Waitlist Preference Form in My Evergreen.

If you end up getting registered for an offering and are no longer interested in your wait-listed offering, be sure to remove yourself. That way, someone else gets that spot, and you don't get accidentally registered for something you don't want.

Moving Into an Offering From a Waitlist

When a space opens in an offering that has a waitlist, Registration moves people from the waitlist in order.

During the first week of registration, each offering's waitlist is separated by class standing. After that, the waitlists are combined and ordered by when everyone added themselves to the waitlist. New additions come in at the end of the list. For the best chance of getting into an offering, register as early as you can.

You can see what position you're in on My Evergreen.

The last time that people are moved from waitlists into offerings is the Friday morning before the quarter starts. After that, you'll need to work directly with the faculty to see if you can get in.

Preference Form: Get What You Want

If you are on the waitlists for more than one offering, use the preference form. That's the best way to make sure you get registered for the offerings you really want.

Otherwise, the Registration Office has to make assumptions and guesses. We want you to get what you want, but we aren't psychic. We assume that the first thing you tried to register for is the offering you want most and that you want to be registered full time.

Help us help you, and fill out the preference form. Or if you get registered for something else and decide to stick with it, remove yourself from the waitlists.

What to do on the first day

If you're still on a waitlist when the quarter starts, and you want to see if it's possible to get in, go to the first session of both the program you're registered for and your waitlist program.

If they meet at the same time, talk to the faculty. Be sure to go to the one you're registered for and talk to the other one.