Changing Your Registration

It is possible to make changes to your registration early in the quarter. You can switch, drop, or add offerings that still have openings.

Registration changes are being handled only by phone, email, or online.

Financial Aid & Registration Changes

If you have financial aid...

  • You must be registered (waitlists do not count) for financial aid to pay out.
  • Reducing your credit load below 12 credits (full time) will affect your award.
  • Any change you make after the start of classes can affect your award.
  • Your financial aid award cannot be changed after the end of week two, the 10th day of class, even if you petition for a change in registration and your petition is approved.

Contact the Financial Aid Office for help with any questions about how your changes may affect your award.

Switching Offerings

You can't be registered for more than 20 credits at any time. So if you need to switch programs, drop first, then add the new program.

If you drop a program, can't get into the new program, and then can't get back into the offering you were previously registered for, call Registration at (360) 867-6180 IMMEDIATELY. We can help!

Dropping Offerings

If you need to drop an offering for any reason, you must complete the process yourself. Not going to class doesn't automatically drop you. Telling your faculty doesn't automatically drop you.

Dropping contracts and internships

If you decide to drop a contract or internship, you must contact Registration directly, so that you don't get accidentally re-registered.

Until 4 pm on Friday of the first week of the quarter, you can drop registration online. If you drop before then, you will receive a 100% refund of tuition and fees.

Starting on Monday of week two, you can only drop registration by paper form with your signature. We accept registration forms in person, by mail, in our office drop box, and by fax. Indicate which offerings you want to be dropped from. If there is a difference in the amount of fees and tuition, you will receive a refund of up to 100% of fees and 50% of tuition.

Starting on the 30th calendar day of the quarter, Tuesday of week five, you can only drop by petition. We grant petitions only for extenuating circumstances beyond your control. There are no refunds.

Remember to check My Evergreen to make sure your change has gone through.

If you drop all your classes, you may be considered on leave of absence or withdrawn from the college. Review the Leave of Absence or Withdrawal Form and Checklist (PDF).

Adding Offerings

Showing up for class doesn't mean you're registered. Verbal approval from faculty doesn't mean you're registered. Always check your registration details on My Evergreen.

Adding an offering that will take you above 18 credits? Review the policies for more than full time.

Adding contracts and internships

Contracts and internships can be registered through the end of week 10 of the quarter before your contract starts. Registration deadlines are on our Individual Study Requirements site and on the Academic Calendar at a glance.

If you want to register after the deadline, you need to petition for an exception. See Individual Study Requirements for more information.

Until Friday at 4 pm of the first week of class, you can continue to register online with a faculty override. Since there are no longer waitlists after classes have started, you don't need to be on a waitlist to be added to a class. If you are really interested in a program and not yet registered, talk to the faculty.

After Friday at 4 pm of the first week, you can only register for more than 16 credits if you submit a petition to the Deans Office.

Starting on Monday of week two, you can only add registration by paper form with faculty approval and your signature. We accept registration forms in person, by mail, in our office drop box, and by fax. You must have already paid tuition in full or pay any additional tuition at the time you register. You will be charged a late fee of $50.

Starting on Monday of week three, you can only register by petition. If your petition is approved, you will be charged a $100 late fee.