Apply to Graduate

Learn what you need to do to complete your degree and graduate from Evergreen.

Awarding of degrees

You must be formally admitted to Evergreen and apply for graduation in order to be awarded a degree. You must resolve any holds on your account before you can apply to graduate. If you have holds, see the to-do box on your My Evergreen home page for more information.

You also need to meet the requirements specific to your degree:

Undergraduate degree requirements

  • Meet your degree’s credit requirements.
  • Have all credits finalized on your record, including transfer and consortium credits.
  • Submit a final Academic Statement to your transcript for graduation (if you are an undergrad admitted or re-admitted Fall 2013 or later)
  • If you were admitted to a Tribal program prior to Fall 2017: receive Director’s Approval.

Graduate degree requirements

You must be logged in to My Evergreen and within two quarters of earning the minimum number of credits toward your degree.

Mail, fax, or drop off your completed application to Registration & Records.

Hundreds of students graduate each quarter so your degree may be awarded several weeks after your requirements are met. If you need a transcript with your degree on it, place an official transcript order which will prompt the degree to be awarded as quickly as possible. If you have extenuating circumstances which require confirmation of your degree but do not require a transcript, please email your situation to so we can help you.

If you have any additional questions, please call Registration and Records at (360) 867-6180.

To participate in the graduation ceremony and to receive your diploma, your account will be automatically billed a $40 graduation fee, which you can pay online through My Evergreen. (Go to Web Payment, select “Make a Payment” and add the outstanding balance to your basket.)

You should also complete the online career development exit survey.

Application Deadlines
Graduation Quarter Deadline
Fall Week 5, Fall Quarter (late October)
Winter Week 5, Winter Quarter (early February)
Spring or Summer Week 2, Spring Quarter (mid April)

Academic Statement

All undergraduate students admitted or re-admitted Fall 2013 or after are required to submit an Academic Statement to graduate. If you were admitted before Fall 2013 or you are a graduate student, you are encouraged, but not required, to submit your Academic Statement.

Preparing for graduation

There are several things you may need to do before you graduate. Here is a list of the most common things students need to do before graduating (PDF).

Loan exit interviews

You must complete an exit interview if you received student loans while at Evergreen. See the links below for the exit interview process for the types of loans that you received.