New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation supports new students and their families through the process of becoming successful and lifelong members of the Evergreen learning community.
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New Olympia Undergraduates

All incoming students are expected to participate fully in New Student Orientation activities. We will introduce you to our unique approach to education and connect you to staff, faculty and campus resources. Please plan to participate fully—it will make a difference for you!

Check out Fall 2021 Orientation to learn more!

Information for Current Students

Evergreen—Tacoma student orientation

Tacoma students will receive information directly from Evergreen—Tacoma.

Dr. Marcia Tate Arunga | Academic Dean |
Phone: (253) 680-3000

Native Pathways Program

The Native Pathways Program students will receive information directly from the Native Pathways Program.

Dawn Barron | Director |

Toby Sawyer | Assistant Director |

Phone: (360) 867-6286

International Student Orientation

International students will receive information directly from International Programs and Services.

Brynn Smith | Assistant Director | 
Phone: (360) 867-6421

Graduate Program Orientation

For information on graduate program orientations, please contact the following people:

Master in Teaching

Daelyn Bailey, Associate Director
Phone: (360) 867-6559

Master of Public Administration

Marcia Zitzelman, Assistant Director, Public & Nonprofit Administration and Public Policy
Phone: (360) 338-5771

Puanani Nihoa, Assistant Director, Tribal Governance and Tacoma Cohort
Phone: (360) 867-6202

Master of Environmental Studies

Averi Azar, Assistant Director
Phone: (360) 867-6225