Greener Foundations

If you are a first-year student – this is a class for you!

Students gathered in Purce Hall

What is Greener Foundations?

Class Schedule: Mondays, 1 - 3 pm

Greener Foundations is designed to help new Evergreen students transition successfully to academic and student life. Greener Foundations is a 4-credit sequence, with 2-credits in fall quarter and 2-credits in winter quarter. You will connect with the Evergreen community, campus resources and opportunities, while developing skills essential for academic success, and discovering their own purpose and potential at Evergreen.

We know that college is a different experience than high school. We know that Evergreen’s freedom of choice, team-taught classes, and narrative evaluations give you a unique college experience. We’re proud of our differences, and ready to help you navigate the Evergreen experience.

You’ll spend a couple of hours a week getting to know your fellow students, learning about Evergreen and its history, drawing up your academic plans, getting to know faculty and advisors, visiting various offices and resources on campus, exploring your education, getting out into the community, and having fun!

Who Is Greener Foundations For?

Greener Foundations is designed for students new to college. If you’re coming directly from high school, or after a gap year or two, Greener Foundations is for you! If you are transferring from another institution and are still in your first year of college, Greener Foundations is for you too! If you have completed some college-level course work while in high school, Greener Foundations is also for you!

There are three learning outcomes for Greener Foundations, all of which are intended to help you connect today and excel tomorrow:

  • Foster Academic Success
  • Connect with the Evergreen Community
  • Prepare for a life in the changing world of the 21st century

These learning outcomes are achieved through meaningful assignments, readings, videos, and in-class discussions and activities. For more information, view a Sample Syllabus

After You've Registered

If you feel you should not be registered for this class, you can request an exemption. No exemption requests will be granted after the form has closed.

Accepting Exemption Requests: May 20 - October 11, 2024 at 3 pm

Request an Exemption from Greener Foundations (MS Forms)

How to Sign Up

All you have to do is register! Any first-year student registering for an academic program (that is coordinated with Greener Foundations) will automatically be prompted to register for a Greener Foundations section.

If you are interested in being part of Greener Foundations but it isn't part of your program, email  

Contact the Greener Foundations Leadership Team for more information: