Media Loan

Media Loan provides equipment and instructional support to enrolled students for their academic work.

Media Loan lends audio, video, photography, and presentation equipment to students who are using it for credit-generating work in programs that included a media fee in the catalog. Equipment is available to faculty and staff conducting college business. We also schedule media labs and circulate lab keys.

For additional info about operations during the pandemic, please refer to the Evergreen COVID-19 site.

Learn more about accessing equipment

By clicking on the links below you can learn more about how to access equipment if you are a student, faculty, or staff member. 

Summer 2022
Wednesdays  1 pm - 5 pm
By Appointment
Evaluation Week Mon thru Wed 12 pm - 3 pm
Weekends, Campus Holidays and Breaks
Contact Information
Phone 360-867-6253 
Evans Hall 2504 We are located on the Red Square level of Evans Hall, down the hallway between the Library proper and Academic Technologies/Computing.

Media Services Fees

Beginning Fall 2021 access to media equipment and labs are subject to a fee for use. Fee information was included in the catalog for programs using Media Services resources.  Starting Winter 2022, Independent Learning Contracts will also be subject to media fees for equipment loans and lab access. 

Trouble contacting us by email? Check your junk folder. 

We have noticed that students using Gmail to contact us are not receiving our responses. Recent changes in Gmail spam filters are causing our emails to land in the junk folder. We encourage you to use your school email when doing college business and turn off the forwarding feature to your Gmail account.