Media Loan

Media Loan supports instructional media integration across the curriculum by instructing and circulating media equipment to all currently registered students and employed faculty and staff.

COVID-19-related policy changes

Contact (best way to contact staff during remote operations)

Phone 360-867-6253 (answered during business hours only) 

Messages left on this phone may not be received or responded to in a timely manner. 

Hours Winter 2021 

Week 2 for equipment check-out 

Eval Week for equipment return 

Monday through Friday 12 pm to 5:30 pm 

Help Requests 

Remote assistance and consultation appointments available. Please use this form to make a request Media Services Remote Consultation & Instruction Request Form 

Program Workshops 

For faculty interested in instructional media workshops for their programs, please review the Instructional Media Workshop Guidelines. Requests can be submitted with the Remote Media Workshop Request Form


All media labs are closed until further notice. 

Equipment Circulation 

Equipment packages will be prearranged by faculty for programs prior to check-out.  

Extended Loans will be granted during remote operations without completing separate request form. 

All ILCs must have Media Services approval in order to use Media Loan equipment. Email team to coordinate equipment check-out and return. 

Our expert staff will address equipment hygiene. Do not attempt to disinfect equipment yourself. 

Media Loan does not ship equipment.  All check-outs must be in person. 

Prearranged shipping returns may be accepted at the borrower's risk.  Contact staff for specific return shipping instructions.  

Watch your email for check-out confirmations and return notices.  Late fines will apply.  


Media Loan's webpages are currently being updated. We appreciate your patience during this process.  In the meantime, you will find commonly used links below:


Policies and Procedures

Equipment and resource guidelines

Equipment Catalog

Gear Guides