Media Loan

Media Loan lends equipment to students who are using audio, video, photography, and presentation equipment for credit-generating work. Equipment is available to faculty and staff conducting college business. We also schedule media labs, circulate lab keys, and sell photo supplies. 

Summer 2021 Loans 

If you are in a summer program your faculty will prearrange equipment check out with Media Loan. Our hours are listed below. Media Loan will be offering extended check outs for the summer. If you drop a class you MUST return your equipment immediately despite the return time set on your agreement form.

Steps for equipment check out:

1. Discuss equipment needed with your faculty.

2. On the day you plan to come to campus log into and complete the Health Verification Form.

3. Wear a mask while on campus.

4. Go to the front doors of the Evans Hall (library building) on Red Square and call 360-867-6253 and Media Loan staff will bring equipment out to you.

5. Check that you received an email confirmation on your Evergreen student email. If you have your Evergreen email forwarded to another email account such as Gmail. You may need to check your spam or junk folders. You are encouraged to use your college provided student email for correspondence and will be responsible for checking that you are receiving communications from us.

Learn more about accessing equipment

By clicking on the buttons below you can learn more about how to access equipment if you are a student, faculty, or staff member. 

Hours Summer 2021

Wed (weeks 2-10) 12 pm - 5:00 pm
Weeks 1 and Eval (of each session) Wed -Fri  12 pm - 5:00 pm
Campus Holidays and Breaks Closed
Media Labs Closed

Location and Contact Information

Phone 360-867-6253 (Answered during business hours only; messages on this phone may receive a delayed response.) 
Email (This is the best way to contact staff during remote operations.)
LIB 2504 By appointment only. We are located on the Red Square level of the Evans Hall Library Building, down the hallway between library proper and Academic Technologies/Computing.

Trouble contacting us by email? Check your junk folder. 

We have noticed that students using Gmail to contact us are not receiving our responses.  Recent changes in Gmail spam filters are causing our emails to land in the junk folder.  We encourage you to use your school email when doing college business and turn off the forwarding feature to your Gmail account.

Our Remote Equipment Loan Policy

  • If your course or program is using equipment, your faculty will arrange the equipment reservation.
  • If you are doing an Independent Learning Contract (ILC), you must have Media Services approval in order to use Media Loan equipment. Email us to coordinate equipment check out and return.
  • Do not attempt to disinfect equipment yourself. Our staff will address equipment hygiene.
  • Media Loan does not ship equipment. All equipment must be picked up in person.
  • Prearranged shipping returns may be accepted at the borrower's risk. Email us for specific return shipping instructions.
  • We will grant you an Extended Loan during remote operations without completing a separate request form. Watch your email for checkout confirmations and return notices. Late fines will apply!