Conditions of Use and Rental Rates

Conditions of Use

Media Loan resources are limited and all students in programs with a media component must share resources with the broader Evergreen community. Review our Student Access page for more information about who can borrow equipment. 

Eligibility and Priority

To borrow equipment, you must be:

  • A currently enrolled student using equipment for academic work
  • A faculty or staff member conducting college business or professional development
  • Able to pay applicable rental fees (RSOs)
  • Assume full financial responsibility for late fines, loss or damage

Priority of use:
Media fee programs, courses, and ILC’s get first priority over all other patrons.

  • Full-time academic programs
  • Full-time Independent Learning Contracts and Internships
  • Part-time courses
  • College and Student Activities events

Borrowing Equipment

Equipment Reservations

  • Reservations can be made up to one month in advance and no less than 24 hours before needed. Large reservations must be submitted at least one week in advance.
  • Reservations are not guaranteed but we will try to provide alternatives.
  • Equipment not picked up an hour past scheduled time will be cancelled.
  • High use equipment cannot be reserved for more than two weeks in a row.

Equipment Loans

  • Normal loan periods are seven days and some equipment have additional restrictions.
  • Lab keys are typically checked out for 1-2 days.
  • Large checkouts need to be started at least one hour before closing.
  • Last-minute checkouts may not be accommodated.
  • Test equipment immediately following your checkout and communicate with Media Loan staff about anything that is not in working order as soon as possible. Once checked out, you may be held responsible for damaged equipment. 

Renewing and Extending Loans 

Renewing Loans

  • Renew loans before the due date by calling, emailing, or in person at the front desk.
  • Renewals are not guaranteed, so be prepared to return equipment by your current due date.
  • Renewals must be confirmed by a staff member over the phone, with an email, or in person at the front desk before they are valid.
  • Equipment loans over break require approval from faculty, proof of registration and tuition payment

Returning Equipment

  • Return equipment on or before due date in-person during open hours.
  • Return equipment to Media Loan. Return to the Library Circulation Desk when Media Loan is closed. Do not use library book drop for equipment or lab keys.
  • Prearranged shipping returns may be accepted at the borrower's risk.
    • Shipping equipment requires specific packing instructions and insurance.
    • If shipping is desired, contact to explore options.

Equipment Insurance

No equipment is insured by Evergreen. Borrowers may want to consider obtaining insurance coverage from a private broker or agent.

Using Equipment for Incomplete Credit

Any student with an official incomplete may submit a request to Media Loan. Students should contact Media Loan to get and complete an Incomplete Form. 

The request should be signed by the faculty member and verified by the Registration and Records Office. A deposit is required.

Once approved, the student can request access to Media Loan equipment for up to 30 calendar days, or dependent on faculty approval.

After returning the equipment Media Loan will refund the deposit, minus late fines or damage charges (if applicable). Refunds are completed within four weeks.

State and College Regulations

Media Loan complies with Washington Administrative Codes 174-168-010 through 070 and Evergreen's academic policy covering use of equipment.

Washington Administrative Code 

Rental Rates

Equipment may be rented for academic and non-academic use, including use by federal or state funded auxiliary departments, conferences and Registered Student Groups (RSOs). Academic programs and events that charge fees or ask for donations will be charged for use of media equipment.

All fees listed are daily usage rates. The weekly rate is three times the daily rate. Multiple day use may be considered for discounts.

Audio Equipment

Audio Day Week
Microphone - Lavalier (tie clip) $10 $30
Microphone - combination (Cardioid, Omni, Shotgun) $30 $90

Microphone - general mic (Shure SM57 or 58)

$10 $30
Wireless microphone system  $35 $105
Rode mic $15 $45
Olympus DS-30 oe WS-100 $10 $30
Zoom H4 or Olympus LS-100 $20 $60

Speaker, EV

$25 $75
Speaker, Mackie with stand $40 $120
Black Jack Mixer $35 $105
Small PA including 1-2 mics, Mackie speaker, CD/DVD (cables/stands) $75 $225
Desk stand for mic $5 $15
Floor stand for mic $5 $15

Photo Equipment

Photographic Day Week
Camera - 35mm film $15 $45
Camera - medium format $20 $60

Camera - digital point and shoot

$10 $30
Camera - digital SLR (Rebel XSi, T1, T2) $20 $60
Camera - digital Rebel T5i, Sony PD170 $30 $90
Flash $8 $24
Light meter $10 $30

Support - monopod

$10 $30
Support - tripod $20 $60
Gorilla pod $5 $15
Backdrop kits $25 $75

Projection Equipment

Projection  Day Week
Projector - document camera  $25 $75
Projector - overhead $15 $45
Small projector - data and video $50 $150
Large projector - data and video $75 $225

Tripod screen -  70" x 70" or smaller

$15 $45
Tripod screen - 10' x 14' $20 $60

Video and Film Equipment

Video / Film Day Week
Light meter $10 $30
DVD or SVHS $10 $30
Tripod $20 $60
Digital Vixia camera $30 $90


$20 $60
Bounce discs $5 $15

Lighting and Miscellaneous Equipment

Lighting Day Week
Lighting kits (1 instrument) $35 $105
Lighting kits (2 instruments) $45 $135
Lighting kits (3 instruments) $55 $165
Flash kit $35 $105
Light meter $10 $30
Cart $12 $36


Equipment use comes with personal responsibility. Please honor pick up and return times so our whole community has the opportunity to meet their assignment deadlines.  

Borrowers are responsible for returning items on time and checking office hours to ensure service will be available. 

Late Fines

Media Loan charges late fines when you do not bring equipment back by the due date on your agreement form. Fees accumulate daily, including when Media Loan is closed for weekends, holidays or academic breaks. You are responsible for paying late fines on your student account.

When equipment is one week overdue, keys are two days overdue, and/or the late fines reach the value of the equipment, we declare the equipment and/keys lost.

If you repeatedly return equipment late, your Media Loan account may be put on hold pending a meeting with Media Loan staff.

Late Fines

Equipment valued $51 - $500 $5/day per item
Equipment valued $501 - $1000 $10/day per item
Equipment valued over $1001 $20/day per item
Keys   $10/day per item

Damaged Equipment

If equipment is damaged while in your care, you may be responsible for the cost of repair or replacement.

It is important that you report any damage when you return the equipment. We may discover damage that you may not know about in our maintenance process. If this is the case, we will contact you with more information.

If we have to replace the item, we may bill your student account for the replacement cost plus a non-refundable service charge of $25 per item

Lost Equipment

We will charge your student account for equipment replacement, plus a $25 non-refundable service charge for each item if:

  • You report equipment as either lost or stolen while in your care.
  • We declare it lost because you haven't returned it to us.

If you return equipment within the academic year, we refund replacement charges but not late fees and service charges.

If items in your care are lost or stolen repeatedly, your privileges may be suspended. In some cases, delinquent borrowers may expect:

  • Attempts by Police Services to retrieve equipment.
  • Be subject to legal action by a collection agency and liability for all costs accrued in the collection of unpaid charges and fines, in accordance with established college policy and procedures.

Appealing Fees

If you feel you have been unfairly charged ,or there are mitigating circumstances you wish us to consider, you can appeal your charges by submitting an appeal form. Contact Media Loan for an Appeal Form.

Appeal Process

  • You must appeal within 30 days of bill date. 
  • Final decisions are made by committee.
  • You can contest committee decisions within 14 days of notification by petitioning the associate director of Media Services.
  • The associate director then has 20 days to respond.
  • Final arbiter is the academic dean for Instructional Support & Library and Media Services.

Media Loan


Office Hours

  • Mon, Tues, Thurs 12 pm to 6 pm Wed 12 to 2 pm and 4 to 6 pm Fri 12 to 4 pm Sat and Sun Closed