Student Access

Student Access to Media Loan Equipment


All currently enrolled undergraduate Evergreen students can check-out equipment for academic use. 

Students with program associated media fees will have guaranteed access to certain equipment, longer check-out periods, and access to training. All other students may borrow equipment on a first come first serve basis. 

Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) may rent equipment for group activities.

Ready to check-out equipment? Learn more about checkout and equipment use

Options for Equipment Training

Come by the Media Loan front desk for any needed training. We will help you get comfortable with any equipment you borrow to ensure proper handling and care. You can also request help at or check out the Gear Guides.

Your Responsibilities When Checking Out Equipment

  • Test equipment and let Media Loan know if there are any issues
  • Use equipment properly and safely
  • Return equipment on time
  • Be mindful of any penalties for late returns and lost, stolen or damaged equipment
  • Have fun learning!

Media Loan


Office Hours

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