Electronic Media

Electronic Media provides instructional support for animation, audio and video labs and equipment, and provides media support for college events.

Production Support

Our highly skilled production team provides media production services for a wide range of campus activities and events and for other Washington state agencies too.

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Instructional Support

We support animation, audio and video labs and help with media technologies across the curriculum. Labs are available for academic work. Some advanced labs are reserved for specific programs. 

Stop by the Multimedia Lab, Evans 1404 for more information on our entry level labs.

Media Labs

Evergreen media labs have professional level equipment so you can get real-world hands-on experience in animation, photography, audio and video production.

Labs are available for academic work. Some advanced labs are reserved for specific programs. Stop by the Multimedia Lab for more information on our entry level labs. 

Animation Labs

2D and 3D Animation Labs

Evergreen's emphasis on interdisciplinary teaching and learning has led students to create unique animated works that are experimental in content and form.

Animation is taught in interdisciplinary programs in conjunction with dance, music, performance, religious and ritual studies, visual art, math, physics, literature, social studies, history and natural history.

Animation Labs HelpWiki

Help animationsupport@evergreen.edu
Scheduling and keys Media Loan, Evan Hall 2504 

Audio Labs

Schedule audio production facilities at Media Loan

5.1 Surround Mix Lab, Evans Hall 1328 

The 5.1 Mix Lab is a hybrid of a media classroom and a mixing control room. It is set up for mixing in stereo and 5.1 surround sound. Other spaces are used for tracking or recording. 

Sound Effects Studio, Evans Hall 1358

This room has a selection of floor surfaces, foley pits and a variety of objects to create sound effects. It is equipped with an iMac computer and a Mackie 1402 mixer and has tie lines to the Audio Lab Control Room right next door.

Audio Lab Control Room and Studio, Evans Hall 1360 

The Audio Lab can record from the Audio Lab Studio or the Sound Effects Studio. The Audio Lab has tie lines to Media Engineering in the Center for Creative and Applied Media and can be used for productions in the main studio. The Control Room has a Toft ATB 16 console, Yamaha 02R96 digital mixer and an Apple Mac Pro computer.

Audio Mixing Benches, Evans Hall 1520 and 1522

Audio Mixing Benches are introductory level audio facilities. Each lab has the same equipment.

Intermediate Audio Recording Studios, Communications Lab Building 110/111A and 107/212A

These intermediate level recording studios double as classrooms and event spaces. The control rooms contain identical core equipment and have a shared proficiency.

Room 110 was originally designed as an orchestra hall. It doubles as a large classroom with retractable acoustic curtains. The control room is on the same level overlooking the tracking room. 

Room 107 is acoustically designed for music with retractable curtains to control sound reflection and absorption. The control room is on the second floor overlooking the stage and raked seating area. 

Multitrack Studio, Communications Lab Building 118/119

This advanced level recording studio is connected to the 119 tracking room. It has its own recording space, including an isolation booth. Proficient use for this studio is provided through the audio classes. Independent learning contract students have to spend at least one quarter working in the 8-track studios before using this one.

Center for Creative and Applied Media


The Center for Creative and Applied Media houses Media Engineering, Evergreen's high-definition Television Studio, Audio Lab, Sound Effects Studio, 5.1 Surround Mixing Room and more. Advanced media access and education are provided in a highly-current and technologically fluid environment.

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Multimedia Lab


The Multimedia Lab or MML supports audio and video production software with 13 iMac computers and a variety of media production support. We have Adobe Creative Cloud, Ableton Live, Pro Tools and more.

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Contact mml@evergreen.edu (360) 867-5455
Location Evans Hall 1404  

Electronic Media


Office Hours

  • Multimedia Lab: Monday 1 pm - 8 pm. Tuesday–Thursday 1 pm to 6 pm. Friday–Saturday 1 pm - 5 pm.