Current Students

Support and information for current students at Evergreen.
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Offices and Services Hours

Visit our hours directory for the latest information on Evergreen office hours, including remote options.


Evergreen is committed to creating an inclusive learning environment for all students. If there are aspects of the instruction or design of a course that result in barriers to your learning or full participation, please notify the faculty as soon as possible. Students with disabilities or living with a chronic illness who need accommodations to support equal access should contact Access Services.

Assistive Technology Lab

Evergreen’s Assistive Technology (AT) Lab is available to everyone on campus, regardless of disability status. Staff provide help with specific software, hardware, and strategies for learning. You can find the AT lab in its own room toward the back of the main floor of the Evergreen Library proper.

Support for Undocumented Students

Find resources and support regardless of your documentation status.

Air Quality and Smoking

By minimizing the presence of allergens and sensitivity-triggering fragrances on campus, Evergreen students, staff, and faculty make shared spaces available to people who live with otherwise-disabling conditions. To that end, please don’t wear strongly-scented products or smoke-saturated clothing in classrooms and offices. Read Evergreen’s Indoor Air Quality Policy.

College-wide policies allow smoking (including e-cigarettes) only in designated campus areas. Read Evergreen’s Smoking Policy.

Title IX Sexual Misconduct Reporting and Resources

To speak to someone confidentially, get support, and learn about your widest range of options, the best place to start is Evergreen’s Title IX Office

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