Costs and Aid

Learn about costs and financial aid for academic certificates

Earning an academic certificate at Evergreen is a valuable investment in your future. Costs will depend on your student status and the number of credits you enroll in.

Costs of academic certificates

The cost of an academic certificate will depend on how many credits you earn in the same quarter. For example, you will pay less per credit when earning six credits than you would if you for earning four credits at the same time. Courses you take on the way to earning an academic certificate are subject to the same tuition rates as non-certificate courses and programs.

Washington state resident status

Washington state residents pay less per credit than residents of other states. 

To calculate the cost of a certificate, first determine your Washington state resident status and the number of credits you intend to earn per quarter, then use the tuition fees and rates tables at the link below.


Let's say you are a Washington state resident interested in Evergreen's Cybersecurity Foundations certificate. To determine the total cost, you would find the number of credits you'll earn per quarter and add up the costs based on the Washington state resident undergraduate tuition rates table.

In this case, Cybersecurity Foundations includes one four-credit course in fall quarter, one four-credit course in winter quarter, and two four-credit courses in spring quarter.

Cybersecurity Foundations Total credits Resident undergraduate cost
Fall quarter: Introduction to Cybersecurity 4 $1,240.80
Winter quarter: Network security 4 $1,240.80
Spring quarter: Applications security + Security Policies and Procedures 8 $2,289.60
Total Cybersecurity Foundations cost 16 $4,771.20

Other tuition and fees information

Find quarterly tuition deadlines, information about fees, and more at the tuition and fees page.

After completing the certificate enrollment form, you'll be prompted to pay a non-refundable enrollment fee. The amount you'll pay depends on your enrollment status at Evergreen:

  • $30 for admitted, degree-seeking students
  • $60 for non degree-seeking students

Financial aid eligibility

Your student status and the number of credits you enroll in will determine your financial aid eligibility.

Admitted students

If you're a fully admitted student seeking a bachelor's degree in addition to a certificate, you are eligible for financial aid when you take at least six credits per quarter. You can use your financial aid toward academic certificate courses just as you would toward other courses and programs.

Non-admitted (special) students

Non-admitted students, also known as special students, are not eligible for financial aid at Evergreen. Special students pay full tuition rates according to the costs per credit earned.

More information on financial aid

Academic certificate courses are subject to the same financial aid policies as other courses and programs at Evergreen. Learn more about types of aid available, application deadlines, and more at the financial aid page.


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