Veterans Resource Center

Your donations help current and future veterans and active-duty service members along their academic journey.

You know what it means to serve, sacrifice, and stand together.

A group of graduating veterans posed wearing green caps and gowns with colorful handmade stoles
A group of veteran students from 2014 pose with handmade stoles, donated in honor of their hard work and success.

Thank you to the service members and veterans who come to Evergreen to continue their growth and pursue the next phase of their lives. We recognize the incredible dedication it takes to balance school and service, and to transition from service to civilian life.

You can continue to inspire and pave the way for future Evergreen students by supporting the Veterans Resource Center. Many veterans and active-duty service members on campus live from paycheck to paycheck and struggle with basic needs. Even with careful budgeting and VA services, they can run out of GI Bill coverage and state veteran aid, or need more than their benefits allow. But you can be their helping hand.

By supporting the Veterans Resource Center, you support a one-stop-shop for veterans, dependents, and active-duty members. From the time they step on campus to the time they walk across that graduation platform—the Veterans Resource Center gives them financial assistance as well as physical and emotional support.

Please make a donation to the Veterans Resource Center today.

Thank You! 

This is a gift to The Evergreen State College Foundation. 100% of your gift supports Evergreen. 95% of your gift supports Veterans.