Readers for Your Final Academic Statement

Many readers can support you in writing, revising, and proofreading your Final Academic Statement.

Readers for Your Final Academic Statement


Why they are helpful


Take action:


You know yourself!

You know the most about the choices you make about your education!

You are awesome!

You can do it!

You might not have tons of perspective to spot where you might include more information or help your reader understand you. You might also have questions about how to appeal to a specific audience. You may be more likely to undersell or oversell your own achievements, so another person’s perspective can be grounding.  

Set some time aside to reflect & brainstorm!

Collect as much information as you can, which may include:

  • Transfer transcripts (unofficial)

  • Self-evals and faculty evaluations

  • Annual Academic Statement drafts

  • Any other reflective writing EVER THAT HAPPENED

Peer tutors at the Writing Center

Peer Tutors are students and are familiar with Evergreen and will also have to navigate the Academic Statements. Peer Tutors also are supportive, encouraging, and want you to be in charge of what you want to say. Peer Tutors also read a lot of Academic Statements and can help you with every stage of your process.  

Peer Tutors are undergraduates and they come from all disciplines. Therefore, they may or may not have field-specific knowledge that can support you in making your Academic Statement the best it can be. They can help you proofread, but they may not have as much experience proofreading high-stakes documents as your faculty, for example.

Call (360) 867-6420 to make an appointment or walk-in for a one-on-one session or check the website for group Writers’ Room times.


If you have a one-on-one session, you will fill out an Author’s Note describing where you are in your process and what goals you’d like to set in the session.

Your current faculty (or a faculty member you’ve worked with)

They know you in an academic context. They know your academic interests and aptitudes.

They will have field-specific knowledge that can help guide you in your academic and career goals.

They have been through a lot of schooling, so they know a lot about Standard Academic English and may be skilled proofreaders Faculty are also adept at communicating with audiences outside of Evergreen.

They know you, but might not know you very well, which can be helpful or not helpful, depending on the kind of feedback you want! Also, they won’t know every other faculty member’s experience of you. Faculty are also busy with planning and teaching your classes and responding to others’ Academic Statements, but that should not deter you from asking them for help! It’s their job.

Email them to arrange a time!


Think about what stage you are at and what you want to hear from them and consider asking them these questions directly in a face-to-face meeting.


Mentoring Day every Wk 7. Sign up to meet with a Faculty Member to discuss your Academic Statement.

Academic & Career Advisors

Their job is to support you in setting a path for yourself and achieving your goals through your education. They want you to succeed!

They know how to talk about Evergreen and its programs as an institution in a way that outside audiences will find compelling.

They might know you, but they might not know you very well, which can be helpful or not helpful depending on what kind of feedback you need. They know how Evergreen works and they know about the connections between Evergreen and the greater world. They are definitely helpful when you want to learn more about how to envision and plan your path as it extends through graduation. While each advisor has areas of specialty, you might pursue conversation with a Faculty to get more detailed field-specific advice.

See the Academic & Career Advising website for walk-in hours or to make an appointment

Trusted Individuals (friends, mentors, family inside or outside of school)

These are people you respect and trust. You know them, and they know you. If they know you well, they can help you reflect your most authentic qualities.If they know you in a specific context, they can help you reflect on some of that context. Depending on their background and experience in the world, they can offer you perspective on how to communicate with others inside or outside of a professional and/or academic setting. They may also be able to help you identify Evergreen-specific language that doesn't translate outside of Evergreen.

Trusted individuals can come from all backgrounds and experience levels. They may have field-specific knowledge (for example an Internship Supervisor) or they may not have any field-specific knowledge; they may be excellent proofreaders, or they may not be able to help you with the final stages.

Contact these folks in whatever way works for you both! Consider what kind of feedback you want to receive from them and asking for their thoughts on those aspects of your Statement.