Find and Apply for Jobs

Discover better strategies for job searching, learn how to evaluate job requirements and align your skills with what employers are looking for.

We Can Help You Prepare

Before you apply for a job, visit us and we'll help you create the perfect package to offer a prospective employer. 

For help with job searching or application preparation, make a Career Advising appointment through Bookings on our Contact an Advisor page.

Job Searching

Learn about Handshake, Evergreen’s online student employment resource, and participate in mock interviews for on-campus jobs. Find groups or activities that will help connect you to the career you want, learn more about internships both on and off campus and search which types of careers relate to your field of study.

Downloadable Help

Between jobs? Transitioning careers? We'll help you decipher any additional skills you may need, then help you look for places to gain those skills. We also understand the frustrations around switching careers or jobs, and we'll help you navigate those feelings. We strive to inspire you, to be your cheerleaders and coaches and to offer moral support. You can do it!

Preparing to Apply

Your interests, experience and skills can be molded into a coherent narrative that speaks to the requirements of the job you're applying for. Optimize your education and life experiences by pinpointing relevant coursework and translating your skills and interests to relate to the position.

  • Polished resume? Check.
  • Creative cover letter? You got it.

Mock Interviews

Interested in a specific job? Send us the job posting and we'll create questions tailored to the position. Then come in for a mock interview and we'll help you work out the kinks, talk about better ways to answer questions, learn how to present qualifications, identify what questions to ask the employer and help you get over nervousness. We have the training and experience to help you market yourself in the best possible light. Contact an Advisor


You can also come to workshops to learn these skills in a group setting. Connect with other students, hear their experiences and think about things you may not have considered otherwise. Our goal is to make your job search as easy and exciting as possible!

Academic and Career Advising


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