Inkwell: A Student Guide to Writing at Evergreen

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What is Inkwell?

From 2006 to 2018, the Writing Center published Inkwell: A Student Guide to Writing at Evergreen. These volumes highlight peer tutor voices (among others) on the writing process, tutoring writing, types of writing specific to Evergreen, and the intersections of society and writing.

Writing can be both a labor and a joy. It is not a fixed ability, but a skill that can be learned and grown. Because writing is highly emphasized at Evergreen, it is important that tools exist to bridge the gap between this academic expectation and the realities of student writing. This is one of the reasons Inkwell exists: to help each student develop an understanding of their writing process in order to create their best, most fulfilling work.

Written and edited by peer tutors at The Evergreen State College Writing Center, Inkwell is an ongoing conversation informed by who we are as writers and the work we do with students. As a publication, we hope to convey that the Writing Center is a place for all writers: those of us who struggle with our writing, those of us who love writing, and all of us who seek support as student writers. It’s a place where we can engage in our written work, where we can go beyond the expectations of good grammar in order to explore the depths of our expression. (From the editors' note of Vol. 9)

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