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This list has handouts and resources on Evergreen-specific writing, like the seminar paper, evaluations, or the Academic Statement, as well as resources for English language learners and students interested in grammar. We also have resources on science writing and writing for a professional context or Evergreen's MPA program. Of course, we also have resources about the writing process. 

We assembled these resources so that you can access writing support any time. But, don't forget: you never have to do it alone! Have a session with us. We can talk through these resources one-on-one and get you set up to write!

Evergreen Writing

Author's Note 

WritingCenterAuthorNote_EvergreenStateCollege2020 (docx) - Use this to help you articulate what you need in terms of feedback from your tutor, faculty, or in-class peer reviewer.

Seminar Papers

The Seminar or Response Paper (pdf)
Seminar Papers: Conversations with Your Mind (pdf) - Calen Swift (Inkwell 3)
Writing Seminar Papers (short) (pdf) - Cameron Withey (Inkwell 7)

Narrative Writing at Evergreen and your Transcript Overview

Reflective Writing at Evergreen – What "narrative" writing at Evergreen is all about.


essential reflective writing at Evergreen table pdf

 The Essential Reflective Writing at Evergreen Chart (pdf) - A visual representation of requirements

Hacking Your Transcript: How to Intentionally Shape Your Transcript to Serve You (pdf)- Caryn Dudley (Inkwell 10) 


Writing a Self-Evaluation (docx) - Writing Center Handout
Writing an Evaluation of Faculty (docx) - Writing Center Handout

Academic Statements

Writing Your Academic Statement Guide and Handouts
Cover of A Guide to Writing Your Academic Statements
Guide to Writing Your Academic Statement 70-page book (pdf, print, docx) - The Writing Center. Writing an Academic Statement is a challenging and complex undertaking. That's why we wrote a comprehensive guide on it!
Questions to Prompt your Essential Reflective Writing at Evergreen (docx) - The Writing Center. All the questions you could ever need to prompt your writing!
Envisioning your Academic Statement (docx) - The Writing Center.
Circle of Genres Related to Academic Statement (pdf) - The Writing Center. What Genre is an Academic Statement?
Example Academic Statements
Example 1: Myron Avalos—Final Academic Statement (pdf)
Example 2: Lauren Roberts—Final Academic Statement (pdf)​​
Example 3: Virginia Quintero—Final Academic Statement (pdf)
Example 4: Lorenzo Scott—Final Academic Statement (pdf)
Example 5: Samantha Todd—Final Academic Statement (pdf)
Example 6: Sarah Lester—Final Academic Statement (pdf)


Who should you should work with on your Academic Statement

You don't have to write your Academic Statements alone. But who should you work with, especially on your Final Academic Statement?

Readers for Your Final Academic Statement

The Writing Process


Don't forget to reach out to the reference desk for help finding materials, using citation software, and much more! Evergreen Research Librarians.

A Research Strategy (pdf)
Using Your Sources: Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing (pdf)
Conducting Research (Purdue OWL)
Writing with Statistics (Purdue OWL)
Avoiding Plagiarism (Purdue OWL)

Guides tailored to specific areas of research made by Evergreen librarians (Libguides)

Getting Started/Brainstorming
Beingstorming (pdf) - Grant Miller (Inkwell 2)
Beginning Your Inquiry (pdf) - Evergreen Writing Center Handout
Six Basic Claim Types (pdf)  - Evergreen Writing Center Handout
Outlines and Organization (pdf)  - Evergreen Writing Center Handout
The Orbital Region: Re-envisioning Revision (pdf) - Dory Nies (Inkwell 2)
Strategies for Essay Revision (pdf)
Mt. Edit (pdf) - Alejandra Abreu (Inkwell 2)
Becoming Reader (pdf) - Meghan McNealy (Inkwell 2)

Academic Writing



Understanding Citation Styles (YouTube)- Kevin deLaplante 

Why We Cite (pdf) - Michael Radelich & Ladai Dama, Inkwell 3

On-Cite Construction: Properly Using Citation to Build a Sound, Critical Essay (pdf) - Michael Radelich, Inkwell 7

Writing in the Disciplines - Sacramento State University.  Your citation style will differ depending on if you are writing in science, history, art, literature, psychology, and more!

Styles: MLA, APA, CMS, CSE

Each page will lead you into detailed information about how to do in-text citations, reference pages, and formatting for many forms of media from print books to websites, lectures, and podcasts. 

Modern Language Association (MLA) (Purdue OWL)

American Psychological Association (APA) (Purdue OWL)

Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) (Purdue OWL)

Council of Science Editors (CSE) (Merrimack College) 

English Language Learners (ELL) 

Each of these links takes you to a page where you can choose the grammar area in which you want additional practice. Try practicing the same grammatical rule on each of the sites over the course of a week, focusing on a different rule each week.

UsingEnglish.com - Learn English (ESL) Online

1-language.com: ESL Quizzes - This site provides several quizzes on different grammar rules. Simply click the link and take the quiz. Also available on another area of the site are whole texts of various works of literature, accessible by clicking "ESL Reading Library" on the main page.

The Grammar Aquarium: EFL/ESL Grammar Notes and Exercises - This link provides many quizzes for ELL students and you can either take the quiz online or print the questions out so you can write on it. Along with many of the quizzes the site provides links to notes on the grammatical area you're practicing.

eslgold.com: Grammar - This site has tons of quizzes which are divided by level of English proficiency. A student may have to search for a bit, but the abundance of quizzes on various subjects makes this a great resource. The link provided takes you to the "Grammar" area, and from there you can either take quizzes or do exercises.


What's in a Sentence? Getting to Know the Parts of Speech (pdf)
Tenses and Conjugation (pdf)
Sentence Patterns I: Locating Subjects and Verbs (pdf)
Sentence Patterns II: Locating Objects and Complements (pdf)
Commas 101 (pdf)
The Complex Sentence: Correcting Fragments (pdf)
The Compound Sentence: Correcting Run-Ons and Comma Splices (pdf)
The Compound-Complex Sentence (pdf)
Parallel Structure (pdf)
Using Articles - Purdue OWL


Science Writing

A Research Strategy (pdf) 
Researching a Scientific Topic: Finding and Using Sources (pdf) 
Strategies for Critical Reading of Technical Writing: Primary Literature (pdf) 
Technical Language (pdf) 
Standard Format of Primary Scientific Literature (pdf)  - Evergreen Writing Center Handout
Title and Abstract: Your Paper in a Nutshell (pdf)
Putting Scientific Work in Context: Introductions (pdf)
Methods: A Recipe for Science (pdf)
Results and Discussion (pdf)
References and General Format (pdf)
Peer Review Form for Scientific Writing (pdf)

Writing in an Inclusive Way about Specific Groups

The following resources can give some broad guidance. The conversations around preferred language change rapidly. In many cases, it is best to ask the person/people you are writing about how they like to be referred to. This is so that you stay up-to-date and because as personal preferences vary!

Diversity/Inclusivity Style Guide—Cal State

Guidance for Reporting and Writing About RacismSyracruse University

Who is APIDA? Asian Pacific Islander Desi Americans—APIDA

Gender-Neutral Pronouns 101: Everything You've Always Wanted to Know—Them.us

Resources for MPA and Professionals

Writing a Case Study Analysis (Ashford University Writing Center) 
Annotated Bibliography Samples (Purdue OWL)
Literature Reviews (The Writing Center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Professional/Technical Writing: White Papers (Purdue OWL)
How to Think Like a Data Scientist in 12 Steps - James Le (Medium)
Introducing a Data Mindset (O'Reilly)
State of Washington Plain Talk Guidelines
​How to Craft a Great One-Pager - Sarah Sunu, Heather Mannix, and Meg Nakahara (Compass)
American Psychological Association (APA) Style Guide Introduction

Resources for Resumes and Cover Letters

Resources for Nursing Resumes (From Nursejournal.org)
Resumes and Coverletters Handouts (Academic and Career Advising)


Not seeing what you need? Please let us know how we can better get you the resources you need! Email writingcenterstaff@evergreen.edu.