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Author's Note

  • Take some space to define where you are at with your work. What's going well? What are your goals? What do you think needs improvement? You can use this as part of your process when seeking peer review in class or at the Writing Center. Ask your faculty if you can use it with them to support them in giving you feedback.



Which Manual Should I Use?

By Style Manual

English Language Learners (ELL)

Each of these links takes you to a page where you can choose the grammar area in which you want additional practice. Try practicing the same grammatical rule on each of the sites over the course of a week, focusing on a different rule each week.

  • UsingEnglish.com - Learn English (ESL) Online
  • 1-language.com: ESL Quizzes
    • This site provides several quizzes on different grammar rules. Simply click the link and take the quiz. Also available on another area of the site are whole texts of various works of literature, accessible by clicking "ESL Reading Library" on the main page.
  • The Grammar Aquarium: EFL/ESL Grammar Notes and Exercises
    • This link provides many quizzes for ELL students and you can either take the quiz online or print the questions out so you can write on it. Along with many of the quizzes the site provides links to notes on the grammatical area you're practicing.
  • eslgold.com: Grammar
    • This site has tons of quizzes which are divided by level of English proficiency. A student may have to search for a bit, but the abundance of quizzes on various subjects makes this a great resource. The link provided takes you to the "Grammar" area, and from there you can either take quizzes or do exercises.

Evaluations, Academic Statements, & Transcripts

Academic Statement 

About all: Evals, Academic Statements, Orientation Essay, and Transcripts

essential reflective writing at Evergreen table pdf



Inspiration, Growing as a Writer, & Stages of the Writing Process


By Stage

Resources for MPA and Professionals

Science Writing

Seminar Papers


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