Study Abroad Program Types

Evergreen students can study abroad/away through four types of programs
Evergeen Italy Greece

Evergreen Faculty-Led Programs

Some Evergreen academic programs have embedded study abroad opportunities. Live and travel with Evergreen faculty and other students for up to one quarter. 

Exchange hug

Evergreen Exchange Programs

Attend an Evergreen partner institution for one to three quarters while paying regular Evergreen tuition and earning credit toward your Evergreen degree.

Consortium programs

Approved Consortium Programs

Students can study abroad with approved program providers in over 200 locations around the world while earning credit toward their Evergreen degree. Students remain enrolled at Evergreen, but pay the provider's fees rather than Evergreen tuition. 


Study Abroad ILC/INT

Advanced students can create their own study abroad experience through an Independent Learning Contract or Internship Learning Contract with the help of a faculty advisor.