Evergreen Exchange in Japan: University of Hyogo

Important Dates

Fall Term: early Oct - end of Feb

Spring Term: early April - late July

Academic Year: early Oct - late July 

See Evergreen Study Abroad Application Deadlines 

Overview & Location

The exchange program with the University of Hyogo is over 30 years old. Students can study for one to two semesters using the Evergreen Individual Learning Contracts to structure their studies. Students typically focus on Japanese language study, cultural studies of all types, and a self-designed research project. Students build credit-bearing and audited courses at Hyogo into their contracts. The university has multiple branches in Hyogo Prefecture - three in the Kobe area - with about 6000 students and nearly 560 faculty and staff. The Kobe campuses focus largely on business and economics; it has numerous graduate schools, research centers and more.

The staff of the Center for International Relations on the Hyogo campus will help guide you in all areas: applications, arrival, housing, orientation, insurance, academics, clubs and activities, and daily life. They are there to help you be successful and at ease in your new life in Japan. In addition, Dr. Yoko Matsuda, professor of Japanese and long-time friend of the exchange program, serves as mentor for Evergreen students.

The Kobe-Hyogo Region

Kobe (pop. 1,544,000) is located in Hyogo Prefecture on the north side of Osaka Bay, a part of Japan’s Inland Sea. It is a large, bustling city with a long history of internationalization and commerce. Hyogo Prefecture is also home to one of the best-preserved Japanese castles at Himeji, and Osaka, Nara, and Kyoto are short train rides away. The university is located west of the urban center, in a less busy part of the city. 


    Students arrange for an Evergreen faculty sponsor or sponsors over the course of their contract(s), self-designing their goals and activities with faculty guidance. Students utilize credit-bearing and audited course work at Hyogo, such as Japanese courses and more, to give structure to their study. They also conduct their independent project study within the contract. Contracts may range from 12-16 credits per quarter (1 quarter for Fall term and 2 quarters for Spring term). 

    Courses in English

    Students can take coursework in English through the university's School of Economics and Management. 

    Study Japanese Language

    The university welcomes international students from around the world and offers Japanese language and culture study through the lens of business. Students taking Japanese language courses will be a part of the Global Business Course. Students can also utilize Japanese language training resources offered in Kobe itself. Students typically assign 8 credits of each 16- credit contract to language study.

    Coursework in Japanese with Locals

    Fields of Study Japanese Language Requirement
    Social Information Science JLPT Level N2
    Engineering JLPT Level N2 (preferred)
    Sciences JLPT Level N2
    Human Science & Environment JLPT Level N2


    Housing & Meals

    Evergreen Exchange students live in campus housing, essentially in small apartments that are passed from one Evergreen student to the next, along with furnishings and household goods! The university subsidizes the cost, resulting in a monthly cost of about $360. Students should also plan for meals costs of about $350 per month.


    This is a “home tuition” exchange program. Evergreen students will continue to pay their normal tuition rates – resident or non-resident – to Evergreen, and will be registered at Evergreen. Your tuition at the University of Hyogo will be waived; applicable student fees will not. 

    *All amounts are estimates, and are subject to change. 

    Expense Estimated Cost
    Normal Evergreen Tuition Varies for WA Resident vs. Non-Resident
    Housing ~ $1,800 / semester
    Meals ~ $2,100 / semester
    Books ~ $450 / semester
    Roundtrip Airfare ~ $1,000 - $1,500
    Local Transportation ~ $750 / semester
    Health Insurance ~ $500 / semester 
    Miscellaneous ~ $500 - 1,000 / semester


    Note: Participation is limited to either 2 full academic year students or 4 single term students. This program may be competitive due to the limited space.

    The process for applying to an Evergreen Exchange program is documented on the Apply webpage under the "How to Apply for an Exchange Program" section. 

    Tip: Begin the process at least a few weeks before the deadline 


    Strong Candidates  

    Students interested in studying in the Evergreen Exchange program at the University of Hyogo should demonstrate the following:

    • Strong interest in studying Japanese language and culture
    • High level of past academic performance and success in interdisciplinary coursework
    • Ability to pursue intellectual curiosity in a setting that requires self-motivation and self-discipline.
    • Ability to act with maturity, responsibility, and sensitivity, even in stressful circumstances
    • Ability to assume leadership roles within the overseas community and to understand your role as a representative of Evergreen and the US
    • Selected students must have studied Japanese for at least two quarters before their departure.