Evergreen Exchange in Denmark: Roskilde University

Important Dates

Fall Term: Sept 1 - Jan 31 

Spring Term: Feb 1 - June 30 

Academic Year: Sept 1 - June 30 

See Evergreen Study Abroad Application Deadlines 

Overview & Location

The exchange program with Roskilde University (RUC) was established in May 2014 and is one of Evergreen’s newest partnerships. Roskilde, like Evergreen, was founded on the principle that effective, meaningful, alternative approaches to learning exist beyond the traditional models. Group project work at Roskilde is the central element in the learning model, comprising 50% of a student’s learning experience. Groups of students tackle various local, national, or international problems and bring various disciplinary perspectives to proposed solutions. Many of the Group Project options take place in English. Roskilde is located about 19 miles west of Copenhagen, with a population of about 49,000.

Evergreen students can study at RUC in Fall semester, Spring semester, or for the full Academic Year. 


  • Must have at least sophomore standing by the time of departure.
  • Must have earned at least 80% of all attempted credits.

All general study abroad guidelines apply


Each semester a student enrolls in one Group Project, valued at 15 ECTS credits, and three separate supporting courses, valued at 5 ECTS credits each, for a total of 30 ECTS per semester. ECTS refers to the European Credit Transfer System; 30 ECTS equates to about 18-22 quarter credits, depending on the actual number of class hours. 

Roskilde University has made suggestions for semester packages taught in English for exchange and guest students within the bachelor subjects below. For more information and a suggestion for a semester package click on the specific subject.

Study Danish Language 

Elementary level Danish lessons are available at no additional cost through a private organization that operates on campus. Students are not required to take Danish, and there is no academic credit offered for participation. English is the second language of Denmark, with instruction beginning in 3rd grade of elementary school.


The university has limited housing reserved for exchange students, assigned on a first come-first served basis. The majority of international students find apartments in the Roskilde or outlying Copenhagen area. Students cook for themselves or use on-campus or local services.


This is a “home tuition” exchange program. Evergreen students will continue to pay their normal tuition rates – resident or non-resident – to Evergreen, and will be registered at Evergreen. Your tuition at Roskilde will be waived; applicable student fees will not. 

*All amounts are estimates, and are subject to change. 

Expense Estimated Cost
Normal Evergreen Tuition Varies for WA Resident vs. Non-Resident
Required Roskilde Fees $500
Housing ~ $2,750 / term
Meals ~ $2,000 / term
Airfare ~ $800 - $1,300
Local Transportation ~ $700 - $ 1,000 / term 
Health Insurance ~ $500 / term
Books & Supplies  ~ $400 / term
Miscellaneous ~ $500 - $1,000 / term


Note: Participation is limited to either 2 full academic year students or 4 single term students. This program may be competitive due to the limited space.

The process for applying to an Evergreen Exchange program is documented on the Apply webpage under the "How to Apply for an Exchange Program" section. 

Tip: Begin the process at least a few weeks before the deadline