Choose the Right Program

With so many programs to choose from, making the decision can feel overwhelming. The following questions are designed to help narrow your search.


  • What discipline(s) do you want to study while you’re away?​

  • What study away program(s) align best with your Evergreen area of emphasis? 

  • Which locations would have the greatest access for your academic interests?​

  • Are you looking for a language learning/immersion program?​

  • Are there any Evergreen courses/programs that you need to be on campus for? ​

  • What pre-requisites will you need to take before your study away program?​

  • Do you want to participate in an internship or service learning while away?​

  • Do you want to participate in field research while away?​

  • What career-related goals do you have for study away experience? (i.e. internships; service learning; knowledge, skills, attitude acquisition, etc.)​

  • Consider your learning styles/preferences.​

    • Are you independent in your study habits?​

    • Do you need deadlines in order to stick to a study schedule?​

    • Different programs have different assessment formats; some have several assessments through the term, while others may only have one or two exams/papers to determine your overall grade. What assessment format would best help you to succeed?


  • Do you receive accommodations through Access Services? What might this look like abroad? ​

  • Do you have mobility limitations? Consider the physical surrounding of your location when choosing a location. How might the physical surroundings either enhance or add challenges to your study away experience? ​

  • What are the program’s physical expectations? If you’re unable to participate in some activities, are there alternatives that you could do? ​

  • Do you have a pre-existing condition that requires ongoing care? Would you be able to access care while abroad? How much would it cost?​

  • Do you have allergies? If so, how common is the substance you’re allergic to? Can you avoid it easily while abroad? ​

  • Do you have dietary restrictions? Think about the local diet and how easily you can avoid certain foods. ​

  • Consider medications that you take. Can you take them abroad? Can you get enough for your entire study away experience? Can you get access to the medications in-country? How much will it cost? ​

  • What are your current self care strategies? Which locations would provide the best opportunities to continue with your current strategies and/or explore new strategies?

Personal Interests & Situations 

  • How important is the location to you?​

  • Why might certain areas of the world interest you more than others?​

  • Which locations/programs would have the greatest access for your extracurricular/personal interests? ​

  • What do you personally want to get out of your study away experience?​

  • What sort of housing would you prefer? (i.e. residential halls, apartments, home-stays, etc.​)

  • Would you like to study in a rural environment? Urban environment? ​

  • Do you want to go with a group of other Evergreen students?​

  • Would you do best in an environment that is more independent or an environment with a high level of support from on-site staff/faculty?​

  • Would you like to take courses at a foreign university? Would you like to take courses at a program study center with other American or foreign students? ​

  • How might your family feel about you studying away? How can you include them in your experience?​

  • Would you like to have organized study tours included in your program?


  • What is the cost of living in the location(s) you’re interested in?​

  • Create a projected personal budget to find out what your additional expenses will likely be; this can help determine which location is best for your financial situation. ​

  • How much does it cost to fly to the location? ​

  • Do you want to travel to other locations before, during, or after your program? How much will you need to budget for this? ​

  • Can/will you work in your host country? (Check laws to find out if you’re able to work, usually this is not possible)​

  • Which scholarships might you be eligible for? What’s the application timeline?​

  • Consider if a visa/residence permit is required. Do you need to travel domestically prior to the program start date to apply for a visa/residence permit? What is the visa processing fee? What is the cost of travel to the nearest consulate? 


  • Consider your different identities and how they may be perceived in the host community.​

  • How will you adapt to different perceptions of your identity?​

  • How might your identities change when away?​

  • What might your identities feel like during your day-to-day life while away?​

  • Are there formal laws that may impact your way of being?