Learn about Paths at Evergreen

A Path is a set of programs and courses that provides a way to move from introductory to advanced undergraduate study in one or more related fields. You can identify with a Path developed by Evergreen or design your own Path to build an area of emphasis.

Follow a Pre-planned Path

Courses and academic programs offered through Paths planned by Evergreen faculty provide learning opportunities at one or more levels of study. Programs listed at more than one level are either designed to accommodate learners at different levels of preparation or include learning opportunities for some fields at one level and other fields at another level.

Follow Your Own Path

You can design your own Path based on your interests and the Fields of Study we offer to build the area of emphasis you want. This option is useful if you have checkpoints you want to reach in your education that wouldn’t be covered by a pre-planned Path.

Levels of Study


For those curious about fields related to the Path. Get a sense of the Path's major themes and gain some initial preparation to continue in one or more related areas.


A starting point if you are relatively new to a field. You will develop foundational knowledge and skills in one or more Fields of Study covered by the Path.


Build on basic knowledge and skills within Fields of Study relevant to a Path and prepare for advanced work.


Explore topics within one or more Fields of Study in depth, using extensive knowledge of those fields and the capacity to apply appropriate methodologies to analyze and synthesize complex content. 

Advanced programs and courses will prepare you for graduate work and careers in a range of fields related to your studies.

Academic Certificates

In addition to Paths, Evergreen students can pursue academic certificates to help build skills in these categories:

  • Business and administration
  • Computer science
  • Environmental issues
  • Media and design