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Get the most out of your education and find the academic programs that are right for you.

Creative research strategies

New to Evergreen? Take the chance to expand your interests or combine something you already love with something unfamiliar. You might discover a new love.

Don’t just read the titles when you’re looking at the catalog. Give yourself enough time to dig into all the options for your class standing. Read the descriptions, and if you’re curious, contact the faculty.

Use the Fields of Study page to explore subjects and then go back to the catalog for sorting and filtering.

Go to the Academic Fair if you have questions or want to get a feel for the faculty’s style. Most faculty will be at the Academic Fair.

Can’t find anything that meets your interests? Don’t know what to take next? Come talk to an advisor. We can help guide you to the right faculty member, or figure out what might match what you want to do after college.

Getting ready to register

Save both the titles and course reference numbers (CRNs) of the offerings you want to register for. Use the catalog's Save to List feature to build your own list of programs of interest.

Make sure you have a few backup plans. Some offerings fill really quickly, so be ready with a second, third, or even fourth choice.

Daytime 16-credit programs have spots reserved by class standing, while evening and weekend offerings for fewer than 16 credits are first-come, first-served.

Changing Programs

If you decide you need to change your program, do it as early as possible in the first week. If it’s clear in the first session that the program isn’t for you, act immediately. Find out how to add or drop a program.

If you’re not able to get into a different program, you may need a different strategy. Focus on what you can get out of your current situation, and develop your abilities to handle difficult situations. If you’re having conflict with either your faculty or fellow students, you’re welcome to talk through it with an advisor for perspective or advice.

If you're trying to figure out the big picture, we can help you make a plan!

What About An ILC?

An independent learning contract (ILC) is your opportunity to do in-depth advanced work in an academic area where you already have a solid grounding. You should have significant previous work to build on. Most people don't have the foundation until they are sophomores or juniors.

If you’re thinking about an ILC and want help figuring out how it fits into your overall goals, talk to an academic or career counselor.

See Independent Study for more details.

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