Faculty Directory


Kristina Ackley

Expertise: Native American studies

Interests: Placemaking, local knowledge, community-based research

Emily Adams

Expertise: printmaking

Kendra Aguilar

Expertise: public administration

Catherine (Jehrin) Alexandria

Expertise: dance, ballet, movement therapy

Lachezar (Lucky) Anguelov

Expertise: public administration

William (Bill) Arney

Expertise: sociology

Peter Bacho

Expertise: law, creative writing, literature

Arita Balaram

Expertise: psychology, critical race and feminist studies, community-engaged methods

Interests: Critical Psychology, Women of Color Feminisms, Oral History, Community-Engaged Methods

Dawn Barron

Expertise: writing, Native and Indigenous studies

Stephen Beck

Expertise: philosophy

Marcella Benson-Quaziena

Expertise: human and organizational systems

Gary Bigbear

Expertise: visual art, indigenous studies

Sharon Birzer

Abir Biswas

Expertise: geology, earth science, biogeochemistry

Evan Blackwell

Expertise: ceramic art, sculpture, visual studies

Steve Blakeslee

Expertise: English, writing, literature

Margaret Blankenbiller

Lori Blewett

Expertise: communication

Lauren Boilini

Expertise: painting, drawing, art history

Robin Bond

Expertise: analytical chemistry

Interests: chemistry, astrobiology, biogeochemistry, geochemistry, environmental remediation

Peter Boome

Expertise: law

Dharshi Bopegedera

Expertise: physical chemistry

Frederica Bowcutt

Expertise: botany, ecology, environmental history

Interests: Cultural Landscapes, Economic Botany, Historical Ecology, Plant Humanities

Michael Bowman

Interests: History of Education, Place-Conscious Education, Community-Based Teacher Education

Andrew Brabban

Expertise: biology, genetics, microbiology

George Bridges

Interests: Law and Society, Legal Institutions, Racial and Economic Inequality, The Social Construction of Crime and Deviant Behavior

Andrew Buchman

Expertise: music composition

Interests: Music Business, Psychomusicology, Songwriting, Popular Music, Music Therapy, Theory for Electronic Musicians

Stephen Buxbaum

Expertise: political economy, community development and planning

Lalita Calabria

Expertise: botany, phytochemistry, systematics

Interests: natural history, bryophyte and lichen floristics, phytochemistry, plant biodiversity and conservation, Women in Science at Evergreen (WISE) club

Sara Sunshine Campbell

Expertise: mathematics teacher education

John Caraher

Expertise: physics

Don Chalmers

Expertise: Community Building, Social Entrepreneurship, Organizational Development, Resource Development and Team Building

Interests: Social Enterprise Creation, Development and Funding; Community Development

Rebecca Chamberlain

Expertise: literature, writing, storytelling

Arun Chandra

Expertise: music composition, performance

Carolyn Chema

Interests: Photography, Art, Intersectional Environmentalism

Gerardo Chin-Leo

Expertise: oceanography, marine biology

Krishna Chowdary

Expertise: physics

Savvina Chowdhury

Expertise: feminist economics

Kristin Coffey

Expertise: creative writing, historical fiction, ethnic american literature

Amy Cook

Expertise: ecology, vertebrate biology

Paula Cracknell

David Cramton

Michael (Mike) Craw

Interests: Public Administration, Urban Studies, Political Science, Political Economy

Sharon Cronin

Lin Crowley

Expertise: media and Chinese studies

Interests: Media studies, Chinese & Asian studies, Communication, labor management relations, and photography.

Susan Cummings

Expertise: psychology

Devon Damonte

Expertise: experimental animation, media studies, visual arts

Interests: experimental animation history, theory and practice, projection performance ("expanded cinema"), printmaking, arts programs management

Jon Davies

Expertise: education

Pamela Davis

Stacey Davis

Expertise: European history

Mary Dean

Expertise: psychology

Hirsh Diamant

Expertise: visual arts, Chinese studies, human development

Interests: Health and well being, cultural and Silk Roads studies, self cultivation

Clarissa Dirks

Expertise: biology, virology, molecular biology

Meghan Doughty

Expertise: Gendered Violence and Public Policy, Public Administration and social Equity, Critical Theory and Ethics

Kathleen Eamon

Expertise: aesthetics and philosophy, critical theory, psychoanalysis

Marla Elliott

Expertise: performance, voice, community studies

Cali Ellis

Expertise: public administration, public policy

Marja Eloheimo

Expertise: Ethnobotany, Indigenous Studies, Climate Justice

Interests: Natural dye methods and interdisciplinary contexts

Amjad Faur

Expertise: photography

Lynarra Featherly

Expertise: creative writing, philosophy, critical theory

Interests: experimental poetry, graphic design, visual communication design, publication design, packaging design

Dylan Fischer

Expertise: forest and plant ecology

Interests: Ecological Genetics, Community Ecology, Disturbance Ecology, Biogeochemistry, Forest Carbon, Tree Water-use

Leslie Flemmer

Expertise: teacher education, critical pedagogy

Hugo Flores

Expertise: Spanish language

Interests: Translation Studies, Music and Drama in Language Learning.

Vauhn Foster-Grahler

Expertise: mathematics, education, anthropological mathematics

Tamsin Foucrier

Kevin Francis

Expertise: history of science and technology

George Freeman

Expertise: clinical psychology

Daniel Froehlich

Interests: Ornithology, Science & Society

Judith Gabriele

Expertise: French language

Karen Gaul

Expertise: anthropology

Amy Gould

Expertise: political science, public administration, women's studies

Dion Gouws

Expertise: strategic planning, business management and entrepreneurship, accounting

Zoltan Grossman

Expertise: geography, Native American studies

Interests: Geography, Native Studies, Anti-Racism, Environmental Justice, Social Movements, Maps, Militarism

Gordon Gul

Interests: Software Development, Computer Game Development, Biology, Medicine, Linguistics, Ethics, and Digital Ethics

Andrea Gullickson

Expertise: music

Sarah Hamman

Expertise: fire ecology, soil biogeochemistry and microbial ecology, restoration ecology

Tara Hardy

Mark Harrison

Expertise: theatre, opera, film, performance studies

Rachel Hastings

Expertise: linguistics, mathematics

Ruth Hayes

Expertise: animation, media studies

Interests: Experimental Animation, Nonfiction Animation, Film and Media, Media Arts

Shawn Hazboun

Expertise: environmental sociology, energy and climate change, social science research methods

Julia Heineccius

Expertise: 3D metals

Steven Hendricks

Expertise: book arts, literature, creative writing

Jenine Hillaire

Takaaki Hirakawa

Karen Hogan

Expertise: ecology, plant biology

Carmen Hoover

Expertise: writing, humanities, indigenous research methods

Interests: literature, arts

Grace Huerta

Expertise: educational policy studies, qualitative research methods

Mark Hurst

Expertise: psychology

Don Jensen

Interests: Sculpture, Woodworking, Industrial Design, Musical instruments, fly fishing

Alvin Josephy

Expertise: statistics

Shangrila Joshi

Expertise: climate justice, climate policy and politics, political ecology, environment and development

Interests: Commons institutions, postcolonial theory, Indigeneity

Ben Kamen

Expertise: music technology and theory

Angelos Katsanis

Expertise: ecology, entomology, agronomy

Vuslat Katsanis

Expertise: writing, comparative literature, film and visual culture

Cynthia Kennedy

Expertise: leadership

Dariush Khaleghi

Expertise: Leadership, Management, Organizational Psychology and Behavior, and Human Resources Management

Interests: Leadership, Organizational Psychology and Behavior, Management, Executive Coaching

Mukti Khanna

Expertise: psychology

John Kirkpatrick

Expertise: environmental chemistry, molecular biology and ecology, oceanography

Nancy Koppelman

Expertise: American studies

Interests: I'm interested in intersections between historical and philosophical study. I study the history of technology, American social history, and ethics. I'm an aspiring creative writer.

Ulrike Krotscheck

Expertise: classics, archaeology

Lester Krupp

Expertise: education, writing

Amanda Kugel

Expertise: anatomy, physiology

Interests: Anatomy and physiology, nutrition, chiropractic

Prita Lal

Expertise: food justice, social movements, race/gender/class inequality, Black studies

Interests: Ethnic Studies, African American Studies

Glenn Landram

Expertise: management science, statistics

Corey Larson

Albert Lee

Barbara Leen

Expertise: immigration, legal policy

Carri LeRoy

Expertise: freshwater ecology, quantitative biology, environmental education

Interests: Freshwater Ecology, Aquatic-Terrestrial Interactions, Inclusivity in STEM, Mount St. Helens

Robert Leverich

Expertise: visual arts, architecture

Mingxia Li

Expertise: biology, Chinese cultural studies, molecular pharmacology

Carrie (Carrie M.) Margolin

Expertise: cognitive psychology

Erin Martin

Expertise: chemical oceanography, biogeochemistry, freshwater ecology

Alexander McCarty

Expertise: 3D studio art

Cecilia McCormick

Paul McCreary

Expertise: mathematics, 3-D modeling

Lydia McKinstry

Expertise: organic chemistry

Paul McMillin

Expertise: historical sociology, information studies

Laurie Meeker

Expertise: film and video production, media theory

Miranda Mellis

Expertise: fiction, nonfiction, and contemporary literature

Interests: ecological literature, environmental humanities, critical theory

Razvan (Alex) Mezei

Carolina (Kina) Montenegro

Interests: Comparative psychology, Conservation psychology

Donald Morisato

Expertise: genetics, molecular biology

David Muehleisen

Expertise: sustainable agriculture, entomology

Ralph Murphy

Expertise: political science, economics

Nancy Murray

Expertise: neurobiology

Kate Napolitan

Expertise: teacher education, graphic design

Interests: community-based teacher education, democratic education, public education, social and political foundations of education in the United States, typography and bookmaking.

Alice Nelson

Expertise: Spanish language, Latin American studies

Neal Nelson

Expertise: computer science, mathematics

Steven Niva

Expertise: international politics, political science, Middle East studies

Melissa Nivala

Expertise: mathematics

Grace O'Connor

Catalina Ocampo

Expertise: Spanish language, Latin American literature

Toska Olson

Expertise: sociology, gender studies

Shaw Osha (Flores)

Expertise: visual arts, painting, drawing

Interests: Aesthetics, Critical Theory, Art History

Jon Panamaroff

Nancy Parkes

Expertise: creative writing, sustainability, public policy

Michael Paros

Expertise: veterinary medicine

Penelope Partridge

Susan Pavel

Gary Peterson

Expertise: social work

Yvonne Peterson

Expertise: education, Native American studies, political science

Kyle Pittman

Expertise: Indigenous Studies, Tribal Governance, History

Interests: Federal Indian law & policy, American Indian histories, Native American philosophy, Public Administration with a concentration on Tribal Governance, and Digital Humanities.

Susan Preciso

Expertise: English literature

Bradley Proctor

Expertise: U.S. history, African American history, American studies

Carolyn Prouty

Expertise: health science, public health, bioethics

Paul Przybylowicz

Expertise: ecology, biology, mycology

Andrew Reece

Expertise: classical art and literature

Ryan Richardson

Liza Rognas

Expertise: American history, information resources and library science

Ethan Rogol

Expertise: Spanish Language

Martha Rosemeyer

Expertise: agricultural ecology, food systems

Julie Russo

Expertise: media studies, gender & women's studies, sexuality and queer studies

Michael (Mike) Ruth

Expertise: Geographic Information Systems (GIS), field deployment, workflow analysis

Sarah Ryan

Expertise: labor studies/history, industrial relations

Therese Saliba

Expertise: international feminism, Middle East studies, English

Joli Sandoz

Expertise: academic and creative nonfiction writing, community studies, analog game design

Jill Sattler

Kathleen Saul

Expertise: energy and environmental policy, political ecology, social impacts of energy choices

Scott Saunders

Steven Scheuerell

Expertise: ecology, botany, plant pathology

Paula Schofield

Expertise: organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, biochemistry

Leonard Schwartz

Expertise: poetics

Larry Seaquist

Expertise: strategic planning, legislative affairs, education strategy

Interests: politics, government, legislative affairs

Gilda Sheppard

Expertise: sociology, cultural and media studies

Ellen Shortt Sanchez

Interests: Community Based Learning. Popular Education and Literacy

Sheryl Shulman

Expertise: computer science

Suzanne Simons

Expertise: poetry and literary arts, community studies/Middle East studies, journalism

Interests: Page (literary) and stage (spoken word) poetry as agents of social change locally, regionally, nationally and globally; flexibility of poetry and spoken word to illuminate lives and spark change in various contexts - environmental stewardship, collaborative peace-building across communities and cultures, empowering marginalized communities; mindfulness and movement, beauty and rhythm as tools to strengthen us and broaden community involvement in social change.

Tyrus Smith

Expertise: environmental studies, public policy

Arlen Speights

Expertise: computer studies

Eric Stein

Expertise: cultural anthropology

Eirik Steinhoff

Expertise: English

Interests: Writing, Literature, Decarceration, Environmental Humanities, How to do things with words

Alison Styring

Expertise: ornithology

Rebecca Sunderman

Expertise: physical and inorganic chemistry

Doreen Swetkis

Expertise: public and nonprofit administration, urban studies

Kenneth Tabbutt

Expertise: geology

Marcia Tate Arunga

Kamara Taylor

Bruce Thompson

Expertise: ceramics

Erik Thuesen

Expertise: marine science, zoology, ecophysiology

Lexie Tom

Suree Towfighnia

Expertise: documentary film

Interests: documentary film, community media, outreach and activism, history

Jamyang Tsultrim

Expertise: Indo-Tibetan Buddhist studies, East-West psychology, philosophy of consciousness

Tomoko Hirai Ulmer

Expertise: Japanese language and culture

Ada (Ada) Vane

Michael Vavrus

Expertise: education, history, political economy

Zenaida Vergara

Expertise: Audio and Music Production

Interests: Music and Music Production, Sound for the Moving Image, Digital Storytelling, Soundscapes

Riva Villa

Mary (Elaine) Vradenburgh

Expertise: American studies, visual communication, organizational development and leadership

Interests: cultural studies, oral history, ethnography, visual communication, documentary film, organizational development and leadership

Thuy Vu

Expertise: economics, management, community organization

Brian Walter

Expertise: mathematics, computer science, improvisational theater

Wenhong Wang

Expertise: sociology and social statistics

Richard Weiss

Expertise: mathematics, computer science

Sonja Wiedenhaupt

Expertise: social and personality psychology

Sarah Williams

Expertise: Feminist Theory, Cultural Studies

Sean Williams

Expertise: ethnomusicology

Elizabeth Williamson

Expertise: English literature, theater studies

Interests: Theater, gender studies, political economy, religious studies, and carceral studies.

Timothy Wilson

John Withey

Expertise: ecology, conservation biology, wildlife biology

Interests: landscape ecology, conservation biology, avian ecology, urban ecology, land use change, climate change, empirical field studies, ecological modeling, GIS.

David Wolach

Expertise: creative writing, poetics, aesthetics, media/performing arts

Thomas (Tom) Womeldorff

Expertise: economics

Sandra Yannone

Expertise: writing theory and practice, poetry, women's/LGBT studies

Interests: poetry (American, contemporary Irish, Russian and Eastern European, women and LGBTQ+), liberatory writing pedagogy, gender and queer studies, Populist and Progressive American History, Titanic and other maritime and man-made disasters, women’s history

Pauline Yu

Expertise: marine science

Interests: invertebrate physiology and development, ecophysiology, sustainable mariculture, feminist and queer poststructural science studies

Nathalie Yuen

Anthony Zaragoza

Expertise: political economy

Julia Zay

Expertise: media arts, photography, visual studies