Faculty Directory


Kristina Ackley

Expertise: Native American studies

Interests: Placemaking, local knowledge, community-based research

Emily Adams

Expertise: Printmaking

Kendra Aguilar

Expertise: Public administration

Catherine (Jehrin) Alexandria

Expertise: Dance, ballet, movement therapy

Lachezar (Lucky) Anguelov

Expertise: Public administration

Sally Anvari

William (Bill) Arney

Expertise: sociology

Peter Bacho

Expertise: Law, creative writing, literature

Arita Balaram

Expertise: Psychology, critical race and feminist studies, community-engaged methods

Interests: Critical Psychology, Women of Color Feminisms, Oral History, Community-Engaged Methods

Dawn Barron

Expertise: Writing, Native and Indigenous studies

Stephen Beck

Expertise: Philosophy

Marcella Benson-Quaziena

Expertise: Human and organizational systems

Gary Bigbear

Expertise: Visual art, indigenous studies

Sharon Birzer

Abir Biswas

Expertise: Geology, earth science, biogeochemistry

Evan Blackwell

Expertise: Ceramic art, sculpture, visual studies

Steve Blakeslee

Expertise: English, writing, literature

Margaret Blankenbiller

Lori Blewett

Expertise: Communication

Lauren Boilini

Expertise: Painting, drawing, art history

Robin Bond

Expertise: Analytical chemistry

Interests: Chemistry, astrobiology, biogeochemistry, geochemistry, environmental remediation

Peter Boome

Expertise: Law

Dharshi Bopegedera

Expertise: Physical chemistry

Carissa Bounds

Frederica Bowcutt

Expertise: Botany, ecology, environmental history

Interests: Cultural Landscapes, Economic Botany, Historical Ecology, Plant Humanities

Michael Bowman

Interests: History of Education, Place-Conscious Education, Community-Based Teacher Education

Andrew Brabban

Expertise: Biology, genetics, microbiology

George Bridges

Interests: Law and Society, Legal Institutions, Racial and Economic Inequality, The Social Construction of Crime and Deviant Behavior

Andrew Buchman

Expertise: Music composition

Interests: Music Business, Psychomusicology, Songwriting, Popular Music, Music Therapy, Theory for Electronic Musicians

Stephen Buxbaum

Expertise: Political economy, community development and planning

Lalita Calabria

Expertise: Botany, phytochemistry, systematics

Interests: Natural history, bryophyte and lichen floristics, phytochemistry, plant biodiversity and conservation, Women in Science at Evergreen (WISE) club

Sara Sunshine Campbell

Expertise: Mathematics teacher education

John Caraher

Expertise: Physics

Don Chalmers

Rebecca Chamberlain

Expertise: Literature, writing, storytelling

Arun Chandra

Expertise: music composition, performance

Carolyn Chema

Interests: Photography, Art

Gerardo Chin-Leo

Expertise: oceanography, marine biology

Krishna Chowdary

Expertise: physics

Savvina Chowdhury

Expertise: feminist economics

Kristin Coffey

Expertise: Creative writing, historical fiction, ethnic American literature

Amy Cook

Expertise: Ecology, vertebrate biology

David Cramton

Michael (Mike) Craw

Interests: Public Administration, Urban Studies, Political Science, Political Economy

Sharon Cronin

Lin Crowley

Expertise: Media and Chinese studies

Interests: Media studies, Chinese & Asian studies, Communication, labor management relations, and photography.

Susan Cummings

Expertise: Psychology

Devon Damonte

Expertise: Experimental animation, media studies, visual arts

Interests: experimental animation history, theory and practice, projection performance ("expanded cinema"), printmaking, arts programs management

Jon Davies

Expertise: Education

Pamela Davis