Integrated Biology and Chemistry

Examine life from atoms to molecules to cells to species to ecosystems. Learn by doing through unprecedented access to our unique learning environment of forests, shorelines, and exceptional lab facilities.

Spring at the Organic Farm

Note: You can join or leave a Path of Study at any time and your credits will always count toward your Bachelor’s degree.

At Evergreen, we recognize and value that biology and chemistry are integrally connected. On the cellular level, metabolic processes are chemical reactions, while on a larger scale, ecosystems are greatly influenced by nutrient cycling. Likewise, many of the most exciting frontiers in chemistry are influenced by biology. For example, natural-product chemists try to isolate and optimize new drugs from plants. Enzymes provide models for new and environmentally friendly catalysts.

  • Study chemical reactions critical to living systems, and their relationship to finding cures for diseases.
  • Analyze trace metals in terrestrial and coastal ecosystems.
  • Solve problems using both biological and chemical perspectives.
  • Share your passion for science.

Toxicology and public health rely on understanding how molecules move through the environment and how they can damage cells and organisms. Because of the close relationships between these disciplines, we teach them together, drawing explicit connections between the two. This interdisciplinary study is superior to traditional education where the two fields are taught separately. If you’re interested in exploring activities like this and want to learn by doing, this is the place for you.

You will be prepared for jobs in laboratories, universities, or industry, and ready to earn a graduate degree. Go on to become a physician, dentist, veterinarian, or attorney. Or earn a teaching certificate so you can teach in high-demand science in K-12 schools. You’ll also be prepared sales and marketing in science-related industries. The possibilities are limited only by your energy and ambition.

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Spring at the Organic Farm

Programs offered 2019-20

Programs planned 2020-24


  • Analyzing Permaculture Systems
  • Mathematics in Geology
  • Chemistry Counts


  • Integrated Natural Sciences (annual)
  • General Biology (annual)


  • Molecule to Organism (annual)
  • Environmental Analysis (2020-21 and every 2 years)
  • Atoms, Molecules and Reactions (2021-22 and every 2 years)
  • Environmental Biology and Chemistry (2021-22 and every 2 years)
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