Cultural Studies

Cultural studies is both its own unique field and an approach that works across the humanities and social sciences.

You’ll find programs and courses with an emphasis in African American studies, international studies, maritime studies, queer studies, and women’s and gender studies.

Faculty Associated With This Field
Title Expertise
Benson-Quaziena, Marcella human and organizational systems
Blewett, Lori communication
Bowcutt, Frederica botany, ecology, environmental history
Buchman, Andrew music composition
Buxbaum, Stephen political economy, community development and planning
Crowley, Lin media and Chinese studies
Diamant, Hirsh visual arts, Chinese studies, human development
Eamon, Kathleen aesthetics and philosophy, critical theory, psychoanalysis
Eloheimo, Marja Ethnobotany, Indigenous Studies, Climate Justice
Hardy, Tara
Krotscheck, Ulrike classics, archaeology
Mellis, Miranda fiction, nonfiction, and contemporary literature
Ocampo, Catalina Spanish language, Latin American literature
Pittman, Kyle Indigenous Studies, Tribal Governance, History
Russo, Julie media studies, gender & women's studies, sexuality and queer studies
Saliba, Therese international feminism, Middle East studies, English
Simons, Suzanne poetry and literary arts, community studies/Middle East studies, journalism
Vavrus, Michael education, history, political economy
Williams, Sarah Feminist Theory, Cultural Studies
Williams, Sean ethnomusicology