Media Services

Instruction and production support in audio, video, animation, film, and photography for students, faculty, and staff.

Due to COVID-19, Media Services' facilities are open with limited access for students enrolled in media programs.


On-campus and remote production support may be available; check the Production page for more information.


For additional info about operations during the pandemic, please refer to the Evergreen COVID-19 site.

Learn more about how to study media arts at Evergreen.

Using Equipment

Currently registered students and currently employed faculty and staff may check out equipment from Media Loan.

Media Services equipment and resources use guidelines

See the equipment catalog for a full listing.

Late returning Media Loan equipment? Appeal your late fine online.

Using Labs and Studios

Create, animate, mix audio, or produce photo and video content:

Learn how to get access to these media labs and studios.

Media & Event Production Services

Integrate Media In Your Curriculum

Our Instructional Media team can help you incorporate media into your curriculum in a way that is both appropriate and pertinent to your learning goals.

Read the Instructional Media Workshop Guidelines to help you plan better.

Instructional Media Workshop Request Form

Media Services would appreciate your workshop feedback to ensure that our media instruction is relevant, meaningful, and accountable. Thank you for your feedback!
Workshop Evaluation Survey

Online Media & Galleries


Closed during breaks and state holidays.

Media Loan Hours

Visit Media Loan for detailed hours.


Visit Photoland for detailed hours.

Photo Production Services (Photo Store)

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Student Jobs and Internships

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Media Services

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Instructional Media (360) 867-6645
Media Loan (360) 867-6253
Photo Services (360) 867-6272