Student Jobs

Information about student jobs in Media Loan

Welcome to Media Loan. We are excited you are here! 

Below we will share the job description, wage scale, desired skills, our values, and how to apply. We will also tell you what you can expect from us and the hiring timeline.

Job Description 

As a Media Loan Assistant, you will be checking out media equipment to students, staff, and faculty and training them how to use it. You will also be helping folks schedule labs, and checking out keys. Being a part of our team means participating in regular training workshops. We provide technical training, and prior experience with media equipment is not required. Evergreen graduates who worked in Media Loan tell us their on-the-job learning was as transformative as their classroom learning, and helped them meet life goals whether or not media became part of their work after college. We seek a work group that reflects the lives and identities of all our students, diverse in race, gender, age and in short all the many expressions and intersections of identity.

Some of the technology tools we use in Media Loan include the internet, an inventory tracking database called Webcheckout, Teams in Office 365, Wiki guides, and Outlook. Shifts are typically between the hours of 9 am and 6 pm and are about 3-5 hours in length. 

Everyone in Media Loan does the same type of work but technically there are three positions. First, we hire you as an Aide during your training period which at minimum is one quarter and no longer than three quarters. When you can confidently and accurately teach patrons how to use equipment and are familiar with our business processes you can advance to an Assistant. This can be achieved by a quarterly review, and you will receive an increase in pay. There is also an opportunity to advance to a Lead. This follows a year of working as an Assistant and students showing interest and skill development in leadership, full understanding of Media Loan policies and procedures, as well as the ability to train patrons in most of the equipment on site. There is an increase in pay that comes with position as it also has more responsibility for leading crew on shifts, opening and closing, and training co-workers. 


2022-2023 Wages 

  • Aide $15.50

  • Assistant $15.75

  • Lead $16.00


Desired knowledge, skills, and abilities

We are looking for people excited to learn about our equipment and services! When you apply consider telling us more about the experience, skills, and abilities you have developed in: 

  • Communicating with people across significant differences 
  • Customer service 

  • Problem-solving

  • Teaching or training 

  • Recent technology and equipment you have used

  • Organization and attention to detail 


What we value

  • A diverse and inclusive team 

  • Communication and respect

  • Accessibility for all to learn

  • Curiosity and enthusiasm for learning

  • Adaptability  

Special considerations: 

  • We have some large, heavy, or awkward equipment in the warehouse. Some shelves are low to the ground and some overhead.  


How to apply

Go to our application by clicking the button below. This is a form for all three areas of Media Services which include Media Loan, Electronic Media, and Photoland.  

You are not required to submit a resume or a cover letter for Media Loan, however, this is a good opportunity to learn how to put one together. 

This is what can you expect from us after you apply

  • Immediately upon submission you will receive a response confirming your application has been received and reviewed. 

  • Closer to the interview dates you will be notified if you have been advanced to an interview status and we will schedule an appointment. 

  • You will be given interview topics in advance of your appointment. 

  • You will be notified of the results of the interview and be given a start date. 


Timeline for hiring in fall of 2023

Early August – Accept and review applications

Late August – Start interview process

Early September – Interviews and Hiring

Week of September 19-23 - Onboarding and Training

September 26th – Work starts week 1