Request for Reconsideration

This page outlines how we respond to requests for reconsideration of library and media materials and exhibits.

Request for Reconsideration Process

The Library Dean charges the Reconsideration Request Review Panel as a standing Library governance assignment to consider requests. The panel includes five members drawn from Library and Media Services faculty and staff, with a preference for members whose credentials include training in the ALA Code of Ethics and the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment, and whose work schedules include summer.

When a person or group requests reconsideration of material in the Library, Photo Services, Media Services, Learning Centers, or any other area administered by the Academic Dean for Instructional Support and Library & Media Services the process shall be:

  1. The person or group makes the request using a form available online and at public service desks including circulation, research, media loan, and photo services.
  2. Upon receiving a request the Dean schedules a meeting to consider it. If appropriate, the Dean may consider an interim measure before the Panel is convened (for example if the request points toward violation of College policy.) The Dean facilitates the meeting, but does not advocate for a position and does not vote.
  3. The members of the team review the request. Consideration is guided by principles found in the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights as well as by the College’s Social Contract.
  4. Consideration of the request is conducted within a process of active listening from all present. The group may arrive at a unanimous finding or it may decide to conduct a roll call vote. In the latter case, a simple majority carries the finding.
  5. A member or members of the group provide the Dean with the finding and, if applicable, the vote count in writing.
  6. The Dean receives the finding, ordinarily within two business days of the meeting, and reviews it in consideration of the Social Contract and any relevant College policy. The Dean may or may not concur with the finding. If the Dean does not concur with the finding, the Dean will provide a written explanation to the review panel. The Dean will share their decision with the person or group who made the reconsideration request so long as that person provided contact information.

Request for Reconsideration Form

This form may be found in print at library and media public service desks, including circulation, research, media loan, and photo services. Alternately, the form may be printed out by using one of the files below. Either way, the form should be filled out and returned to Library Administration, Daniel J. Evans Library, Suite 3500, for review.

Request for Reconsideration Form - Word Document

Request for Reconsideration Form - PDF


Library Policies

The Library is open to the Evergreen community and the public. Our policies and procedures have been designed to ensure equitable access for all members. Review the library’s policies.

Library Mission

Evergreen Library and Media Services is dedicated to the best possible service to the interdisciplinary programs, students, staff, and faculty of The Evergreen State College. We continually strive to seek new and innovative ways to provide information in all possible formats in order to meet the ever-changing research and academic needs of our patrons, provide quality instruction in the use of the materials available through the Library, and serve as a repository of unique titles and collections for our patrons, our community, and the Pacific Northwest region.

The Library houses a collection of over three-quarters of a million print and media items and provides more than 35,000 journal titles, largely in digital format. The Library also maintains special collections of rare books and archival materials. Media Services offers students, faculty, and staff across the curriculum access to media equipment, production facilities, production services and media instruction. Library and Media Services resides within the Information Technology Wing of the Library building. 

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