Best Resources for Academic Planning

Student Academic & Support Services

Library 2153


Faculty Advising

  • Talk to faculty at the Academic Fair, or make an appointment.
  • Get recommendations for programs.
  • Ask about graduate school planning.
  • Find out about professional careers.
  • Ask about ways to develop your skills.
  • Offer to help with class projects.
  • Learn more about our areas of expertise.
  • Become a colleague in teaching-learning.
  • Ask about research opportunities.
  • Get clarification on assignments.
  • Share your academic passions with us.
  • Ask about contacts for internships.
  • Inquire about program and course syllabi.
  • Use the Faculty-By-Subject Directory.

Career Development Offices

Library 2153

  • Use the Drop-In Counseling services.
  • Make a career advising appointment.
  • Explore different professions and careers.
  • Learn about Graduate School programs.
  • Find out about requirements in your field.
  • Develop a professional portfolio.
  • Take practice graduate school exams.
  • Prepare effective resumes for your field.
  • Learn about internship and job options.
  • Attend one of our many workshops.
  • Request a transcript evaluation of credits.
  • Develop your interview skills.
  • Attend one of the career fairs.
  • Attend one of the graduate school fairs.

The Evergreen Catalog

  • Use the On-Line Catalog for up-to-date info.
  • Use the paper catalog for general reference.
  • Use the Fields of Study page to find specific subjects
  • Plan ahead with next year’s catalog.
  • Check the program description for any needed prerequisites.
  • Explore the fantastic Summer offerings.
  • Look ahead to graduate program offerings.


  • Identify strengths and gaps in knowledge.
  • Explore and add breadth to your knowledge.
  • Develop depth and expertise in passion areas.
  • Be a conscious creator of your education.
  • Seek regular advising sessions.
  • Practice good self-care.
  • Use the Health and Counseling Center.