Individual Learning Contracts

An Individual Learning Contract (ILC) is negotiated between a student and faculty/staff sponsor who has knowledge in the area to be studied.

In consultation with the sponsor, the student initiates the agreement to undertake work at an advanced level, develop specific learning goals, and identify and complete learning activities. The sponsor agrees to provide appropriate oversight, support, and advice.

Plan Ahead

Get started early: if you want to start an ILC for a specific quarter, you should start working on it at the beginning of the previous quarter (except fall ILCs, which should be planned in previous spring quarter).

Meet with an Academic Advisor to talk about how an ILC will fit into your academic journey and future plans.

Consider how many hours per week you have to devote to an ILC, based on how many credits you want to earn.

Develop a Learning Contract

Go to My Evergreen and select "Individual Study Contracts". Once there, follow the online application prompts. If you need support, please visit our Wiki for more detailed instructions and/or submit a help ticket.

You must have a faculty or staff sponsor for your ILC. Faculty expect to see a working draft of your ILC proposal at the time you are approaching them to be your sponsor. Find out more about contract sponsors

Once you have a commitment from a potential sponsor, you will negotiate and get feedback from him/her on specific learning objectives, learning activities, subcontractor support, academic support, evaluation, and appropriate award of credit. Use the online contract process to share a draft contract to begin negotiation with your sponsor.

As you develop your contract, be sure to review the Academic Deans' Review Criteria that the deans use to approve or not approve your contract prior to registration.

When developing a contract both the student and sponsor should discuss use of technology with regard to working on the contract over the term. The faculty sponsor’s requirements for use of technology by the student must refer to technology that the college currently administers and supports. 

Finalizing Your Individual Learning Contract

When your ILC is ready for approval, you will mark it "Ready for Approval." All required approvals will appear in your contract as a checklist.

Registering Your ILC: All approvals must be done by the ILC deadline prior to academic dean approval.  Once a dean approves the ILC, you will "Accept Term and Conditions" of the ILC and it will move forward in the registration process.

Documenting Your In Program ILC: Once all approvals are complete within the contract you will "Accept Term and Conditions" of the ILC and it will be confirmed.

Academic Year 2022 – 23 Undergraduate Contract Due Dates

  • Fall Quarter: Friday, September 23, 2022
  • Winter Quarter: Friday, December 9, 2022
  • Spring Quarter: Friday, March 17, 2023
  • Summer Quarter: Friday, June 9, 2023